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  • ...Better than my kids

    Not really gromming but dog related.

    I live on the first floor of a three story apt building. My door exist to the outside next to the steps leading to the second floor. On evening on my way to do laundry I leave my apt with my laundry and my dog. Well I see a mom with twins climbing the steps to the second floor and I only see one on the steps so I know the other is coming. I was going to wait for the second one to get on the step before I came around the corner and possible scared the second kid(the're about 4) so told my dog to sit (she was already in the heel postion). She dose, no big deal. Then over my head I hear the mom saying "your dog behaves better than my Kids" LOL I wasen't quiet sure how to respond to that.

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    Sit down honey...good job heres a cookie

    I know my dogs behave better than my kids. Isn't that funny! I tell my dog to sit he does it, when I tell my son to sit he just looks at me and runs I guess if I gave my son a treat every time he did something good I wouldn't have to ask him more than once.


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      you should of said i know and they also don't talk back to me,ask for money,stay out late with friends,tell me i'm annoying sometimes and they love me no matter what! P.s i have an 18 yr old son and he thinks he knows everything right now!