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    So a new OAY comes to the shop on sat. Mom says SHE dose not like to be groomed Vicious Killer this one. Ok ther are 2 other groomers here so one of them did the dog. I am over in my little corner and Her groomer is shaving her down and discovers She has Vulva Tumors. Two to be exact in a little sack. Poor Boy.

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    Did She-He have a girls name too. We used to do a boy bichon named Mercedes.


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      What!!! Oh, ok ...I get it...duh.....Had to read it 3x's...I definitely didn't get enough sleep last night. Had too many of those doggie songs running through my head, I guess.Lol


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        Originally posted by Poodlefluff View Post
        Did She-He have a girls name too. We used to do a boy bichon named Mercedes.
        I do two male poodles from different families...Shelby, and Jody. I also do a male pug named Honey. Oh and a female dog named Buddy. And people get offended when you call the boy dog she and vice versa!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          I used to groom a male yorkie named Brandi.

          I also used to work for a woman who bred tibetan terriers. This was when I first wanted to be a groomer so I thought "a breeder, she can teach me to groom!" Well I ended up being stuck with kennel work and shaving down her matted mess dogs maybe one per week at $15/dog. Ugh I hated that job! Anyways she boarded for people she had sold dogs to sometimes, and had girl runs and boy runs. One of the boarders was named Sashi. I naturally put Sashi in the girl run, later that day she told me she wanted me to bathe HIM later that week.



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            I'm so slow---when I first read it I thought, "Tumors? Why is this in the "giggles" section?

            Oh. I get it.

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              I had a new customer a few weeks ago come in with her a "shih tzu" (looked more like a yorkie). She told me they got the dog a few weeks prior and had been told it was a girl, but when they went to the vet the day before he informed them it was a boy. Hello -- it took a vet to break the news after 3 weeks? No shock that the dog was a matted mess....if she wasn't getting close enough to notice he had all his appendages clearly she wasn't brushing it.


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                He had some weird name like Meshu or some such not a very gender specific name.