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My new Hairstyle!

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  • My new Hairstyle!

    I have pretty long hair & I'm always forgetting to put my hair in a pony-tail when I'm grooming.
    I keep telling myself, "one of these days I'm gonna be sorry".
    Well that's justwhat happened!

    I was clipping a small dog's nails & grabbed the dremel when the dremel made that weird sound it makes went it catches hair - alot of hair.
    OMG! MY hair was to tangled in a huge dredlock, It took me a few minutes to get the dremel out. There was now way I was gonna get that huge knot out of may hair, so I pulled my hair back & continued w/ my grooming.

    After my client picked her dog up, I had to get ready for game night @ my church. I didn't have time to get the knot out, so I took a poodle comb w/ me. The first thing my friends saw was my new dredlock & asked if I was changing my hairstyle.
    My friends never laughed so hard as the dematted me. I was the butt of all the jokes that night.

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    Did your friends charge extra for the dematting???? LOL
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      So how much did it hurt? I have to admit that I have caught a few long tails in one by accident. I was always afraid I had hurt the dog, tho' I don't remember them ever crying. It did leave a small "hole" in the coat, tho'

      Where is your pix? It sounds like a stylish new look for a big Friday night! I giess you could tell everyone it is the "new look" for Game Night!



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        Nobody took a picture, I'm almost thankful.
        although they all mention it.

        I've cuaght a few tails myself.
        I just remember them looking back @ me saying "nice moran".


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          omg I've done that...

          Lol I did it while trying to not catch my DOGS hair in the dremel. It was the first time I dremeled his toes as opposed to cutting, he was being a little wiggley... ow.