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10 reason's why your dogs hair cut cost more than yours

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  • 10 reason's why your dogs hair cut cost more than yours

    10. Your hairdresser does'nt wash and clean your rear end
    9. You don't go for 8 weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
    8. your hairdresser does'nt have to give you a sanitary trim.
    7. your hairdresser doesn't have to clean your ears
    6. your hairdresser doesn't have to clean boogies from your eyes
    5. you sit still for your hairdresser
    4. your haircut doesn't include a manicure and pedicure
    3. your hairdresser only has to cut the hair on your head
    2. you don't bite or scratch your hairdresser
    #1 the likley hood of you pooping or peeing while your hair is being cut is EXTREMELY slim!
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!

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    OH I am sooooo printing this out to show the girls at the shop!!!!!

    LOL LOL LOL!!!


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      LOL. So true. I can only imagine letting my hair mat for 4 mos, and asking my stylist for a cute trim,lol. She'd tell me to get stuffed.


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        You forgot a couple.

        FLEAS! And ticks and lice.

        Your hairdresser doesn't express your anal glands, and if you asked him/her to, you'd probably be arrested.


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          This is great!

          Think I could tell some of these to my clients that ask me why I am so expensive without them getting offended? Or...better yet, some of the price shoppers that call me and flip out when I quote my prices.


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            posting it in the shop

            I have another version of this (I think the list was like 20 long) which was posted at my old shop. I loved it because many owners just thought it was funny. The ones that would ask didn't, but they didn't ask why it cost so much either!!!


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              ...You don't try to hump your hairdresser...


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                Originally posted by Fluffy Puppy View Post
                ...You don't try to hump your hairdresser...
                ROFL.......that should probably be the #1 reason why there pets hc costmore......almost


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                  Why pet grooming costs more

                  LOL I'm printing this also and may add a couple suggested in the other posts.



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                    How about 100+ reasons your dogs groom cost more?...

                    I posted a whole bunch on one of the groomers list a long time ago & told people to add to it.. this is what we came up with (I thought there were more but cant find the other bit) Oviosly some groomers have had to deal with stuff I havent... LOL

                    01-Your haircut usually only takes 15-20 minutes…It takes a lot more than 20 minutes to do your dog’s haircut.

                    02-Your hairdresser doesn’t give you a manicure & Pedicure

                    03-Your Hairdresser only clips your head….

                    04. Fleas….

                    05-Your Hairdresser doesn’t have to de-mat your hair.

                    06-Your hairdresser doesn’t clean your ears.

                    07-You don’t try to bite your hairdresser.

                    08-You stay still and don’t wiggle, jump and shake while being worked on with sharp scissors & tools

                    09-You don’t cock your leg on the table/cages

                    10-Anal glands.. your hairdresser probably doesn't even know what they are...

                    11-Your hairdresser would never wash your butt....
                    12-Your hairdresser doesn't have to hold you up with one hand while scissoring with the other...
                    13-You don't Lick your Hairdressers face while she's doing your hair.
                    14-You don't come in with mud, burrs, sticks, tar, sap, gum, grass seeds & stinging nettles in your hair...
                    15-Drying your hair doesn't create a cloud of fuzzy floating hair that takes a week to clean up.
                    16-You don't shake and cover everything (including your hairdresser) in 2 inches of soapy water
                    17-Your hairdresser doesn't treat skin problems.
                    18- Your hairdresser doesn't try to hide your body flaws with creative grooming
                    19-Your Hairdresser doesn't have to shave between your toes.
                    20-Asking your hairdresser to shave your butt/nuts etc.. will get you slapped
                    21-You don't collapse on the table and refuse to sit up.
                    22-you don't try to hump your hairdresser
                    23, You don't have diahorrea whilst your hairdresser is blasting your back legs
                    24.You don't pee, puke, or poo in the bath
                    25.You don't walk into your hairdresser with hair that hasn't seen a comb or brush for 6 weeks let alone months! He'd tell you were to go!
                    26.You don't attack/hump the hairdressers cat and chase it round the shop!
                    27.You Don't attack/hump other clients whilst they are waiting their turn!
                    28. You don't chew other clients possesions/leads just for the fun of it!
                    29.You don't pee up against a finished Client waiting to go home!
                    30.You don't pee/poo/puke in your Hairdressers garden on your way in killing all the plants
                    31.You don't rip up your Hairdressers car when He kindly offers to take you home!
                    32. You Don't pee/poo/puke in your Hairdressers car when he kindly offers to take you home!
                    33.You don't "Sing/Howl/Cry/Bark" all the time your Hairdresser is trimming your hair!
                    34. You don't jump into your hairdressers arms whilst having your hair washed!
                    35. Your Hairdresser would never clean your teeth!
                    36. Your Hairdresser would never take your temperature if he thought you were ill!
                    37. Your hairdresser would never swing you around in the air by your back legs if you stopped breathing!!!!!! (Old trick taught to me by my vet!but it does work! Not that I've done it for years! And certainly not with a big breed!)
                    38.Your hairdresser might think twice about mouth to mouth resuscitation too! We don't! (well I don't, not that I've
                    had to use it on a dog yet…..a horse once and guinepigs!
                    39-you dont fart in your hairdressers face whwn having your pantaloons scissored!
                    40 You dont tryn and hump your hairdresser at every given opportunity!
                    41-You don't try to bite the clippers/scissors/dryer
                    42-You don't scream at the top of your lungs every time the Hairdresser picks up a pair of nail clippers
                    43-You don't whip around in a frenzy as soon as your hairdresser goes to clip around your ears.
                    44-It doesn't take 3 groomers to clip your nails.
                    45-You don't try to jump free and run for freedom while getting your hair washed.
                    46-You don't play chicken with a skunk right before your appointment.
                    47-Dead Animal remains are not your preferred 'le Pew Cologne
                    48-You don't attack the water sprayer with intent to kill.
                    49-You don't wait until your clean and dry to go potty and sit in it.
                    50-Bows in your hair are not a challenge to remove them by any means necessary.
                    51-You don't try to escape out the door every time somebody walks in the shop
                    52-The bug on the other side of the window is not your sworn enemy.
                    53-You do not feel the urge to protect the hairdresser with viscous barking and snarling at people walking past the window.
                    54 - You don;t try to pinch your hardressers eggs !!!
                    55- Your hairdresser doesn;t cuddle you and stroke you when you get
                    56 - Your hairdresser doesn't have 2 people to look after! (Dog+Owner)
                    57 - tetanus shots
                    58 - 10 times as much cleaning after client leaves !!
                    59 - the dogs don't give us any juicy gossip
                    60 The hairdressers clippers cost £50 not £200
                    61 The hairdressers dryer cost £30 not £300
                    63 The hairdressers shampoo cost £5.00 per gallon not £30.00
                    64 The hairdressers only requires one blade not 20.
                    65 The hairdressers chairs cost less than holding pens.
                    66 The hairdressers dosent have to wait for the last client to be
                    picked up 2 hours after closing.
                    68-Your hairdresser would think twice about cleaning up your
                    pee/puke/poo if you did it on the floor of his Salon!
                    69-A cranky client (pet) doesn't have the end result of the hairdresser requiring stitches
                    70-When's the last time you saw your hairdresser wearing protective mask,goggles,earplugs to cut your hair?
                    71-The hairdresser only needs one £30 dryer, not 3 or more at £300-600 each.
                    72-Rabies Shots.
                    73-Your hairdresser dosent have to lift you into the tub while your trying to hold onto the ground.
                    74 - he doesn't get tiny hair splinters ingrained in his nipples
                    75 - you don't sniff your his face & ears
                    76 - you don't put on your *RSPCA face*
                    77 - you don't ejaculate over him (please tell me you don't!!)
                    78 - he doesn't get flea bites/rashes
                    79 - you don't give your hairdresser mange
                    80-he doesn't cut your hair on your last day, before that final
                    vets visit (sorry - a sad one, but it happens)
                    81 - he doesn't go home and cry his eyes out because of above
                    82 - theres no danger of your eyes popping out (brachies) and giving
                    him nightmares for years to come!!
                    83 - you won't give him back problems
                    84 - you won't try to hang yourself
                    85 - if you're incontinent - he need never find out!!
                    86 - if you vomit,pee or defacate on floor he'd throw you out
                    87 - if someone didn't come back to collect you, he wouldn't have to
                    worry about re-homing you
                    88 - he doesn't need to keep you away from other customers, if you
                    don't like them
                    89 - you wouldn't try to bite another customer because you don't likt
                    the look of them
                    90 - he doesn't have to be bi-lingual and speak doggy!!
                    91 - he doesn't collect you and take you home
                    92 - he doesn't need a special car, modified to suit you
                    93 - he doesn't need special insurance
                    94 - he doesn;t give you bows and treats
                    95 - you can tell him if somethings wrong, he doesn't have to guess
                    96 - he won;t have a problem if a customers too big and he can't lift
                    97 - he'll probably only specialise in one thing like
                    cutting/perming/colouring/afro or white hair - not every
                    texture/length/size under the sun
                    98 - he doesn't have to worry about your *mummy or daddy* being
                    99 - he doesn't have *mummy or daddy* looking over your shoulder
                    while he's working on *baby*
                    100 - he can work on automatic and with a hangover - and probably
                    doesn't like most of his customers
                    101 - he doesn't have to be as kind,compassionate,caring,adaptable or
                    an *all rounder* like we are.
                    102 - he doesn't give a s**** about your medical problems
                    103 - he doesn't have to rush you to the doctor if you get ill


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                      That's quite a laundry list and VERY true!


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                        wow very long list but sooo true!


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                          Had to think about #54 for a minute....okay, now I get it!!!!