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Funniest Excuses Why My Dog is Matted

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  • "My daughter uses hair spray on him when I am not around."

    "Neighbor throws water balloons at him." Wonder why?

    "My husband likes him that way."


    • Originally posted by k9stylist1968 View Post
      Every 3, 6, 12-month client: "I called you THREE WEEKS AGO and you couldn't get me in till today. If you'd gotten me in when I called, he wouldn't be in this condition!"
      OMG! We get this all the time!


      • I had a 100+ pound Alaskan Malamute come in one day after a 6 month absence. The owner was good enough to be horribly embarrassed and before I could say hello, she said "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just kept forgetting and now she's a mess. She likes to go swimming! Please don't let me leave today without booking her next appointment." I see the dog ever 6-8 weeks now and she's one of my very favorite dogs. It's not a funny excuse so much as it was a funny introduction to the owner and dog for me.

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        • About a well ago, I had a "you see today it's a rainy day, it came back like that" you see my face < yea I know best excuses than you


          • Originally posted by Thru the Viewfinder View Post
            Lady told me yesterday that her Maltese's belly has some knots but their not mats, they're knots. At the time I smile and nodded, then when she came to pick her up I told her next time she will have a demat fee for the matting under her belly and on her legs. "Oh, but those weren't mats, they are only knots." I kindly smiled and said back, "Knots, mats, tangles, its all the same." I think I killed her with kindness because even after this and then requesting me to do some "fixes" for her, she still tipped me $10. lol
            Haha! My husband, after I read him this, said "She should have told the lady: I really hoped they were MATS because my DEKNOTTING fee is even higher"