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Funniest Excuses Why My Dog is Matted

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  • Funniest Excuses Why My Dog is Matted

    Here are some classics from the Groomer Giggles area. Please share what your customers tell you.

    The following humor was submitted by Katherine Byrne...

    He had his head out of the window on the way here.

    The ceiling fan was making her itchy.

    (My favorite!) He was all brushed out but on the way here, someone cut me off & I had to slam on the brakes and he went rolling onto the floor of the car. It must have happened then.

    When she sits down the hair on the back of her legs gets sort of creased.

    The following humor was submitted by Paintedjmpr...

    What's a matt?

    I thought it was just dirt.

    I left him at my brother / mother / sister / daughter / parents for a few days and he came back like this.

    It was really windy yesterday.

    Those are matts? I thought his ears were fat.

    I thought this breed was supposed to have hair like this.

    Don't matts just shed out?

    But he doesn't LIKE to be brushed.

    He didn't have matts until he went out and rolled in the grass.

    I thought dogs groomed themselves, you know, like cats.

    The following was submitted by Charmaine...

    But I’ve been brushing him everyday (Yes the top coat with a polishing brush).

    I bath him/her every week (just forget to use a comb or brush as well).
    The breeder told me to get a shedding comb and I haven’t been able to get one.

    Do I have to use a comb as well?

    I can only afford to get my dog clipped once or twice-a-year.

    I’m a pensioner and that’s just how he gets.

    We moved house, got married, got divorced, got sick, got unemployed...

    Shih Tzu’s are just yard dogs.

    The kids aren’t interested in them anymore.

    The puppy bites me.

    The puppy bites the brush.

    The brush HURTS him.
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    I got a good on last week.

    He told me he bathes the dog 3 times a week and brushes and dries him after each bath. Maltese mind you. This little guy was matted to the bone in some places. How can you bathe, brush and dry a dog 3 times a week and have him be matted? Whatever.



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      "He got his shots at the vet last week & the vet must have done this to him."

      "I've been brushing him every single day, but I yesterday I forgot and that quickly he got this tangled!"

      "He likes to play with my big dogs and he gets like this from running with them."

      "I wash her three times a week, I don't understand how she could get mats!"


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        Thise are funny. I had a guy tell me the cat got into the Tide detergent and it caused him to mat up. Seriousy the mats behind the ears were bigger than golf balls, no joke. i had to shave whole cat to a 15 blade cus th coat was so tightly matted. I am having the problem now with my poodle. I had surgery about 2 weeks ago and have not been able to keep up with my dog. He is getting matted and I had to take him to a shop for a bath and brush out cuz I can't do it. This really stinks. I brushed him out every day since I got him 3 months ago and I now have to figure out if I want someone else to actually give him a groom. what would you do.
        What does a dog do on it's day off?


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          Lady hands me a maltese that looks like one huge mat, and says "I don't know what my husband did to her but she seems to have a few knots in her fur".

          Heres another lady with a matted mess " I think her hair is like that from bad breeding".
          I wanted to ask HER if she was talking about herself or the dog??


          • #6
            She was at the kennel.
            The kids are supposed to be brushing it.
            She ran outside into the snow yesterday and that's what happens.
            She jumped in the lake.
            It's been really windy outside.
            He bites the brush. Does it really have to go short? I don't want it shaved!


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              After doing the same thing each time the dog comes in I had a lady tell me "Well you did something last time to make him mat up like this, whatever you did don't do it again."


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                I was out of town and my sister (daughter, friend, etc etc) took him to another groomer and this is how he came home........ No kidding I had someone tell me this last year!!
                SheilaB from SC


                • #9
                  Every 3, 6, 12-month client: "I called you THREE WEEKS AGO and you couldn't get me in till today. If you'd gotten me in when I called, he wouldn't be in this condition!"


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                    Originally posted by k9stylist1968 View Post
                    Every 3, 6, 12-month client: "I called you THREE WEEKS AGO and you couldn't get me in till today. If you'd gotten me in when I called, he wouldn't be in this condition!"
                    I have heard that too, but usually they don't make an appt. when they call the first time. They tell me they have to find some place right now, and than call back a few weeks later and make an appt.


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                      I irritates me when they say they can't brush the dog, because it bites them, but they want you to. Or they don't have time to brush the dog, and it is a very lite coated schn. and sometimes the lite coated schn. that bites.


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                        What kind of groomer are you? Don't you know that they are cords? I guess I'll have to take my dog to a groomer who knows how to groom corded dogs!


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                          "My 4 year old loves his hair long, but she just wont brush him, so he's all tangled up. You can de-mat him, right?"

                          (True story on that one!).

                          I also have been blamed for the matting because I was booked on the day they called or the day after they called---3 months ago. This makes me happy because now I'm booked out almost 3 weeks, which means I might not ever see "Lucky" again! I think "I" should be the one called LUCKY!!

                          Tammy in Utah
                          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                            Get so tierd of hearing all these excuses. However the worst one?
                            "Oh he is an outside dog."
                            I have heard this too many times as they hand over a matted, filthy, greasy, flea infested dog with bad skin and ear infections.


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                              yesterday a woman with a maltese comes in. The dog is filthy,matted and had fleas! Her excuse? He plays with our birddog and he's an outside dog now! It had been a year since he had been groomed!! I asked her,"why in the world did you buy a Maltese then?" she said,"well, he was given to me"!!! 65.00 thank you! lol