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  • My weird logic

    This happened a while ago, but it has stuck in my mind and thought I would share. perhaps it will give some insight into the strange machinations of my mind! LOL
    When I worked for a vet I often would groom pets while they were still under after having a procedure done. most of the time they were cats. We had a fairly new vet who had never seen me groom a pet in the hospital part before on an anesthetised animal. So I was working on a while cat, she had to be shaved right down because she was fairly matted everywhere. I can't remember what she had done, maybe a declaw or something. But I came in to the recovery area where I would be grooming her with my equipment plus a bowl and small towel. I started grooming away and noticed the new vet kept eyeing me with a strange expression on her face. She finally came over to ask me what I was doing. I had filled the bowl with water and had moistened the towel and ever few minutes I would stop to dab the towel on the cats tongue. It made perfect sense to me, so I looked at her with probably an equally "as puzzled" expression and said a profoundly intelligent sounding "what?". So then she clarified and asked me why I was using the towel on the cat. Well tha cat was intibated (I don't know if that's what they call it in an animal, but they had the tube down the cats throat with it tied to the roof of the mouth and the tongue hanging out). I asked her if she'd ever woken up from anesthesia, she nodded, and I told her that the cat already had surgery, is going to wake up naked, the least I could do was make sure the cat didn't wake up with dry mouth! Because when I had surgery that was the WORST feeling. She laughed so hard I think she peed a little. She told me I had a strange way of thinking and walked away. IDK, I wish somebody had wiped MY tongue with water when I was coming out of surgery!
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    You are the most thoughtful and

    sympathetic person I have ever known I think. You must be a great mom when your child is sick or scapes a knee. That is awesome of you to think of that. I only hope I would do the same in the same situation. I do recall using those wet popsiscle sponge things for my Grandmother when she was in hospice those last days. I have never had the cat/dog situation and never thought of it when my dogs come out of anesthesia after a neuter/spay situation. Awesome of you! I have said it before. What an amazing animal lover you are. But you are good to people too. Don't cry, but I bet your mother had something to do with how you turned out.


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      I think only a true dog lover would think of this one. I used to do it to cats and dogs going through very long surgeries because, their tongues can end up like a dried out bit of leather otherwise. My vet thought it was odd too but all I could think of was when I had my son and the hospital I was in wouldnt even allow ice chips. I thought my tongue might fall right off! At first I wanted to squirt water on with a syringe with no needle. My vet told me no and after a chat I understood the dangers of that but I did get her to agree to a clean wet face cloth. I dont know if the dogs or cats ever noticed but I noticed that their tongues stayed nice and plump and wet..and it made me feel better.


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        That is so funny.
        But now I am horrified and worried.
        I had hemroid surgery last year and I'm wondering what hey were doing to me when my tounge was hanging out!!


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          You are known here as "Mylady". I think the name indicates a special person or someone a bit "above" the rest (that's what I think of anyway). This story is a good example of perfectly fitting the name is to you. What a thoughtful thing to do and how perfectly natural it happened!



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            Aww, gee. Now I'm all blushing. Of course, this wierd logic of mine also led me to go out and rake the grass many years ago, well, what sprase stuff we had. When my husband asked why I was raking I told him since he had told me brushing my hair would stimulate it to grow, I thought raking the grass would do the same. I mean, I figured it was worth a shot! He just kissed me on the cheek, laughed and mumbled something about why he loved me. LOL
            My name is actually from my dog Lady. She's my heart dog and been with me through a lot. She's getting older now, but still doing well. Found her as a stray many years ago and she was so well mannered for what she must have been through I called her MyLady, but Lady for short. SHe's the Border Collie mix in my avatar. But thank you so much for all the compliments. I was just thinking it was a funny story. You are all too sweet!
            What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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              sounds good to me

              I too had that dry mouth after surgery, I couldnt get enough water. pets cant tell us how they feel, why not treat them as we wish to be treated. unless it would hurt them. and as far as raking the grass to make it grow, is your husband sure it wont work?????


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                Girl you are too funny! I will repeat what I posted on another thread. I wish I could spend some time in your might be better than Six Flaggs.

                I finally realized who you remind me of!! Anyone remember the Amelia Beadelia (sp?) childrens stories???? You sometimes think waaaay outside of the box and occasionally do some strange things, but your heart is always in the right place!
                SheilaB from SC