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  • Griswald Family Christmas tree

    We went out to cut down our own tree. New family tradition we're starting. So we go out and boy am I picky. Almost s2 hours of looking at trees and finally I gave up. I kept telling hubby and kids we needed a skinny tree. Well none of the skinny ones were all that nice looking. We have very limited space for a tree, our house is tiny and I've been using a fake tree since I can bend branches to make it fit as needed. I kept reminding them about the size restrictions, but after such a long time we were all tired and I finally just said "pick one and cut it down!" so hubby picks one and it doesn't look too terribly big. Apparently being outside among all those trees scewed with my ability to judge size well. They put it in that plastic netting to take home and be bring it in. set it in the tree stand and hubby cuts off the plastic. FOOOF, branches just explode into our TV, couch, and window! Nothing broke, but we all had to laugh. We had just watched NL Xmas vacation the other night. Then hubby says (seriously) "I'm all covered with sap" I start laughing and ask if I can hand him a magazine calling him Clark. So now you can't sit on half the couch, the branches are tucked along the side of the TV and no sunlight can be seen through the window. DH had to cut off about a foot on top so the angel would fit. It's funnier in person, hard to see how crammed it is in a pic, but heres one anway!
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    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    Yep they definitely look smaller outside for some reason. I can relate, been there done that at one time or another inmy long in the tooth time!
    Looks good all the same, and what a great memory!
    You remember that not so perfect times better than the perfect ones.
    Merry Christamas.....


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      I hope the tree didn't come with a squirrel. Please post the pics when you get all the lights on the house. I have to say NL Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite all time movies and I have to watch it at least once before it truly feels like Christmas.


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        We got ours up this evening too! Frazier fur $35!!! Smells incredible!!!


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          Its a nice tree though. What kind is it? Its different to the type we get over here.


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            You know, I don't know what kind of tree it is LOL. We were sent into a field and told most of the trees were Balsam and Concord (I think Concord is right) and a few Douglas Firs mixed in, so it's one of those three. The first year we ever got a real tree it was a Blue Spruce and the most beautiful I've ever seen! We bought it December 15 2002 for $75. It was GORGEOUS. And it may sound weird that I remember the date and everything, but that was also the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child. A day I will never forget for sure! We also had a foyer to put it in, but after having our second child the computer room became his bedroom and the foyer has the computer desk, so no more Christmas tree there.
            the coke zero bottle you see in the pic my husband uses to water the tree LOL and the lights are on some setting to flash which is why it only looks like we have orange lights. Used to always have nothing but white lights, but suddenly a few years ago I all of a sudden loved the color lights. Something I'd always kind of disliked before LOL. Pregnancy does weird things to your brain!
            What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.