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A funny misunderstanding

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  • A funny misunderstanding

    This made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face. I hope I make sense here. So....yesterday I had a little one eyed shihtzu named Winkie. Winkie's dad dropped him off and said he was leaving town and to just leave Winkie at the vet (about 75 yards away from us) when he is done. So Winkie got moved to the end of my list for the day since the vet was in no rush to get him. Later, I was working on Sunny (a wheaten who is nice but crazy, spins, always up on her back legs waving her front feet around and never sits still and, no, I don't have a groomers helper) Anyway, I was trying to cut Sunny's nails and glanced at the clock and noticed it was getting near 5:00pm and realized I hadn't finished Winkie yet. So I said to my boss in a very stressed tone "OMG...what time does the vet close?" and she responded with "what's wrong?" and I replied "it's almost 5:00 and I'm really stressed". She responded again "whats wrong?". I said "I've got to take Winkie over to the vet before they close". The part I didn't realize was that I had quicked a nail on Sunny. The were several good sized drops of blood on my light colored table, which Sunny was dancing in, and Sunny was waving her paw around and had flicked a few drops on my face as well. My boss had no idea that I was concerned about getting Winkie over to the vet. All she saw was a bloodbath on my table and me freaking out about getting to the vet. Once I realized she thought I had injured Sunny (more so than a quicked nail) I just could not stop laughing. We were both hysterical for several minutes. Anyway, Winkie made it to the vet in time (luckily they didn't close until 5:30) and Sunny survived her nail trim.

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    Do you have a Groomers Helper? (Just kidding).

    That's a cute story and I love that dog's name...Winkie, lol. How cute is that?!

    Tammy in Utah
    PS: Get yourself a Groomers Helper, at least for Sunny!
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      Don't cut my winkie!


      I hate it when they cut your winkie.



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        That is funny. I had a crazy nail story I use to teach people about dremmeling nails. I was grinding a shih-tzu's nails once and it decided to flip it's tail into the grinder, which was plugged in on the other side of the wall. Well it's tail hair got stuck and I couldn't think fast enough to turn it off, So I just picked the grinder up in the air with the dogs hair still attached and it finally came to a stop when it took out the small fluff and I turned it off. Every one was laughing at me because the I am holding this dog up by it's tail, looking very frazzled. But I knew if I didn't it would get the dogs skin, and I wasn't going to let it do that. So I always tell that story during dremmel lessons.


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