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  • "Agressive Males"

    In the waiting room of my vets office I picked up a readers digest to pass some time and came across a good bit of humor that I thought you would all enjoy. More vet related but I know a number of you work or have worked in a vet's office. Funny regardless.

    "A customer at the veterinarian's office where i volunteer was disputing a bill with the receptionist. When he began to shout,a few of us stopped what we were doing to see if everything was all right. It wasn't. Our cow-worker was shaking. So a lab technician jumped to her defense. "Sir," she said, in a voice reserved for Dobermans, "do you know what happent to agressive males in this office?" Jennifer Hohler"

    I cracked up laughing so hard when I read it hope it brightens your day too.

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    That's too funny! I'm gonna have to remember that one!
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones