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  • You Know You're a Groomer When...

    Copied over some recent entries, see if some of our new members can add to them...

    Submitted by Bully - Arkansas

    1. When you have a slicker in your own personal care supplies.
    2. You strategically place "Pet Edge" catalogs at peoples houses who might order something for you. Items already marked of course.
    3. When you come to terms that every mix in the world is either a Lab or Poodle mix. Even the wire haired ones. You will know this 'cause the owner told you so.
    4. When you refer to a dog using its last name but don't know its owners first.
    5. When you answer people who ask why you don't cut human hair you tell them people hold too still.


    Submitted by Petgroomer76

    1. When your kiss your clients dog goodbye on the lips, but when your client reaches out to shake your hand goodbye it seems a little to personal.
    2. You give all of your clients dogs kisses all day without thinking about it, but when you get home and your husband puckers up you cringe at his breath.


    Submitted by Dog Diva

    You say "Do you have to go potty?" your husband.

    When your kids believe that dog hair is a good sourse of fiber.

    When you pay for your purchase at the store and dog hair is between the bills.

    When you carry dog nail trimmers in your purse because you know all of your friends and family want nails trimmed when you visit.

    When you are frequently seen picking hair splinters from between your fingers.

    When your female dog thinks your work shoes could impregnate her.

    When you scold people for discarding fabric scraps saying, "Hey! I can make a bow out of that!"

    When you explain to the grocer that the $2.69 cans of soup are not for you, but for your dog, who hasn't been feeling well.

    When you are better at restraining animals than your vet or vet techs.

    When you explain that your dog had a headache in this picture because her bow was too tight.

    When your dogs clothes are in better shape than yours.

    When you share barrettes, pony holders, clips and brushes with your dog.

    When you loot some re-moisturizer from work because you have dandruff.

    If you haven't had a Saturday off in 5 years.

    When you tell people you know how your dog feels because "it told me so."

    If you've ever used a leash as a belt because your pants stretched out from being wet from bathing all morning.

    If several pairs of your pants have tiny holes in the thighs from wiping running clipper blades on them.

    When you are well known at the local Police Department due to the number of stray dogs you've brought in to Animal Control.

    When you are fresh out of friends and family to give stray animals to.

    If you've ever given your dog or cat fleas.

    If you think of a flea collar as a sure sign that the animal wearing it has fleas.

    If you don't trust a vet as far as you could throw them.

    If you know what kind of food your client feeds their dog due to the color and/or texture of its stool.

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    Submitted by progroomer2003

    You are stopped in the super market by a client and you don't know who they are until they mention their pets name.

    You can identify with such movie characters as Edward Scissorhands.

    You would rather shop in the " Pet Edge Catalog " instead of " Victoria's Secret "

    You think of pet hair as just another source of protein.

    You go to the doctor because you think your losing your hearing, just to have him/her tell you that you have fur balls in your ears.

    The spot on your chest x-ray isn't cancer but a fur ball.

    Throwing wet pet hair against the wall is a good way to express what kind of a day your having.

    Unless someone barks or meows at you you don't hear them.

    You give your kid the dry dog biscuit and your dogs get the good cookies.


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      Your kids refer to your dog as their "big sister".


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        Originally posted by fifi View Post
        Your kids refer to your dog as their "big sister".
        Heeheehee.... Kinda off-topic, but this one reminds me of one of the Stock Contractors for the Professional Bull Riders. His son brought a girlfriend home from college, and during family introductions, he asked her if she wanted to meet his brother too.... When she said yes, he took her out to the pasture and introduced her to a bull named Kid Rock.

        Sadly, Kid Rock died last spring after a fight with another bull in the pasture. They were rushing him to TX A&M veterinary school but he'd suffered severe damage to his trachea.


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          You can't shower or bathe without a pair of twizzers.


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            You find nail clippings on the bathroom floor when you get undressed....

            You realize your itchy throat is not a symptom of getting sick, but rather a symptom of needing to hoick up a hairball

            You clean out your lint filter in your home dryer and there is almost as much dog hair in it as there is lint

            You get pissed at your hubby for getting you jewelry for your anniversary when your wanted a new grooming gadget

            You spend more time looking at groomers fashions than any other clothing line

            You use grooming cataloges for reading material in the bathroom
            SheilaB from SC


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              when your chest has more hairs on it than your husbands lol anyone ever hot wax their boobs to get out splinters? ouch LOL


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                Those were Funny...I don't trust vets.. I believe oposite about water in ears, hair in ears and need to do anals. Anna steee ja when it's my dog's turn I was the only ever client to wait til my dog was out of anesthseia. for teeth cleaning...Thoughtb I nwas odd.;No comfey seats cuz no one ever hung around before..I keep slickers and nail clippers in my purse...Often show pictures of client's dogs to asnyone. Lots on my phone.


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                  Those we're all good, expecially the one about tweezers to shower. Ever check your belly button?


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                    i was in my vets office when some guy was waving at me. i waved back, but had no idea who he was until his dog (who was hiding behind him, because he recognized me) came around his other side. oh it's cuda's dad. the thing his, he is also one of my neighbors.
                    Certified Master Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Instructor
                    "Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation." Henry Ward Beecher US Congregational Minister 1813-1887


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                      I was just laughing at jbates...I have soooo many pics of OTHER people's pet's on my cell phone....AND I show EVERYONE!!


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                        today we had a gently used sale and i ran into one of my clients. I didnt know who they were until they mentioned their dog's next appointment! LOL