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  • OMG Ouch

    O.K. started with a personal trainer on Thursday went for my evaluation and yep I'm over weight but it wasn't unitl this morning that I realized how much. She wanted me to come to her spin class. Wow what a workout all the other ladies said I did well but boy do I hurt. I really like this place not to pricey and someone to keep me on track. If anyone is wonder about a good class to take to burn calories try spinning. I'm really going to feel it tomorrow. Then on tue. my first private training session. I'll let you know.
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    Don't over do it when you get started at this. You want to stick with it over the long haul and not hurt yourself. I've done the spinning. Phew! It's a killer! Especially when they make ride up the hill. lol Best of luck with your new program.