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Kenchii was my favorite........

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  • sheilabgroomer
    Are you keeping them well cleaned and oiled? Are you sure the person who sharpened them actually did it correctly? How is the tension on them? Maybe that needs to be adjusted to cut correctly.

    I have had my curved scorpions for over a year and haven't needed them sharpened yet. They still cut really well.

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  • SCGroomer
    started a topic Kenchii was my favorite........

    Kenchii was my favorite........

    OK well I am a little upset. I have had my kenchii curves and thinners for about a year and for a while the cut really well. Lately when I go to do a top knot or anything they are not cutting smooth it looks like chunky pieces are missing. I have had them sharpened and everything three times and the seem fine until I go to do a top knot or legs or something. I am not bouncing my hand or anything. Anyone have any suggestions on shears or had this happen to the Kenchii scorpions?