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    Finally taking time to post this!

    Last week I finished the 45 day "full round" cycle using the homeopathic HCG and I lost 35 pounds in 43 days (first 2 days you eat all you want, you stuff high fat). Almost never hungry, easiest weight loss ever, truly does reprogram the hypothalamus. Carb craving hit a few times but unsweetened applesauce changed that within 10 minutes each time. Actually I even cheated a few times having a 3rd 4oz helping of super learn protein on days I was going to be working outside for energy. Not going to say it was easy but the HCG 90% of the time had me not even thinking of food...weird I know. I watched 11 friends do the same program losing 15 to 40 pounds in 45 days so I asked how, and that was proof enough for me.

    I got an OK to start one more full round early (normally 3 to 6 weeks between 45 day cycles). Last night I stuffed, well I tried, and I was very uncomfortable but the first 2 days it's critical to get lots of carb and fat in because the next 43 days you will do about zero except specific types and very small amounts.

    I think it will fall off even faster, my whole brain thinks differently about food, truly you do indeed reprogram the brain. When I went off at end of cycle I didn't want to run out and eat anything special. I let impulse guide me and then did a small portion and was satisfied. No more diets, reprogram. You don't have to buy Trudeau's book, you want to read Simeons Pounds and Inches report because that is where Trudeau got his info.

    Cost: 2 45 day cycles would be $150 total, and you eat so much less food the grocery savings pay for it, and then you are done. CHEAP. Once off you never buy again, no ongoing supplements or anything, so with grocery savings the cost really is zero.
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    Last summer I did the costly injections and lost 30lbs. I then switched to the homeopathic drops with the same or better results. I had little to no hunger and found that the program was easy to follow. MY problem is I have never followed thru with phase 3. So therefore, I have gained my weight back. I need to get back at it... it really does get you results , IF YOU FOLLOW CORRECTLY!! I am hoping to be more intentional if I start back on the"juice"


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      WTG I am going to do the same I have been reading all about it.


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        So where are the Before and after photos?

        I'd like to see pics. Where do you get this stuff? The clinics charge $1,200 or more for the treatments. Is it human growth hormones? My doc said no way Jose, not safe. Most Drs are rarely open to new ideas. I know you need lots of energy and are always very busy.


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          More info!

          Ok, so your weight loss is AMAZING!!! Congrats! Where do you get it? Is it prescribed by your Dr??

          Inquiring minds want to know!!!

          Stephen: A friend referred me to and you start by reading Pounds and Inches there. Unlike other sources they also have a support message board which can be helpful. You may want to get a copy of Trudeau's book too at Many people are doubtful and some doctors wary, so trust your feelings if you need medical guidance or not and do what is right for you.


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            Disclaimer! I am not signed up to make referrals, commissions or anything, in fact, I wasn't even offered that as I got the product from a friend who lost a lot of weight using it, and she started at She could refer me and make a small commission, but we are not going to use the board for that purpose of course. You have lots of research to do with the report and videos at that web site. You must read Pounds and Inches mini book at and watch the videos etc. I am not a rep so I am not setup for making referrals. Ultimately it is shipped from HCG Clinic, and I guess they let people sign up and make referrals etc. I don't do MLM, but this is the product I used. Hope that helps, and again, you must read and study everything at including disclaimers and consider asking your doctor. You can learn a lot more reading the Trudeau book on this system available even used at


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              I will check it out. I'm a sugarholic and that is why I'm 15 pounds overweight. I have been really feeling ****** about my weight.