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When jewelry no longer fits

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  • When jewelry no longer fits

    My diamond ring is getting pretty loose since I have lost 25 lbs and I am starting to worry about losing it. I have 20 lbs or so to go, and I am afraid I am going to lose the ring after I lose another 5-10 lbs.

    I do not want to leave the ring with anyone to be resized because of it's value. Does anyone know of a product you can buy to secure your rings a bit tighter on the finger?

    What did you do when your jewelry no longer fit? Even my bracelettes are turning into loose bangles...loving it!

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    Well, first you have to live with the fact that we all hate you for being so thin LOL
    No really, congrats on doing so well.

    When I lost all my weight I had my rings resized. They fit great, then I got pregnant and they didn't fit so well anymore. Had trouble losing the weight so I had them resized again. Person did a horrid job. It almost looks like he used sterling silver instead of white gold to make my rings bigger. I don't even know if that is possible, but anyhoo. So if you do get them resized, just make sure you take it to someone reputable. I do think they make those little plastic ring sizers.
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      Congrats on the weight loss! I wouldn't worry about having an antique ring worked on. Find a good jeweler and have them resize the ring. They are bonded and insured against loss, but I have never known anybody that has lost a ring at the jewelers (sometimes they come back with an extra sparkly they couldn't say no to LOL)

      If you want to hold off a few more pounds before resizing, then the old trick of a bandage or tape wrapped around the inside of the shank should tighten up the ring.


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          Originally posted by Particentral View Post
          Is it my imagination, or do these snuggie things look like aquarium air hose?


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            just a thought do you have the ring insured? if not i would get it insured, maybe take some pics of it, and then take it in for resizing. i think having it correctly resized will be the most comfortable and trustworthy in the long run. i am sure most jewelers are passionate about their work. maybe you have a client that comes in with sparkles that could refer you.


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              If you choose a reputable jeweler, there's no reason not to leave your ring with them for resizing. They're insured, and I'm sure they handle jewelry that's just as valuable with no problems.

              If you have other pieces, like bracelettes, that no longer fit comfortably, a jeweler may be able to adjust those, too.

              If you have something that just can't be fixed, offers the best prices I've found for precious metals and stones.


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                Ahhh, Ring Snuggies. Perfect solution and available at Wally World. Thank you.

                I realise jewelers should be insured, I just don't trust that they won't swap out the stone for a cheaper one while it's in their care. The stone in the ring has been mapped and certified, but don't have the skill to view it under a scope and match it to the paperwork I have on it.

                That Snuggie looks cheap and easy. Thanks again.


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                  I recently saw a silicone product on QVC or HSN that fills in the inside with a rubbery silicone and it can be removed easily later if necessary. Just call customer service or go on line and look. It was not expensive for the tube.


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                    Maybe a thin finger guard for a pair of shears would work?


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                      Well, first of all congratulations to you! HUGE CONGRATS!!!!
                      I am having my ring re-sized next month at the jeweler my Husband purchased it from. It is a very nice ring- platinum with 4 carats, I cherish it dearly and I wouldn't like to ever let it out of my sight either--I totally understand how you feel. For now I have it wrapped with clear dental floss. I re-wrap it once a week to keep it clean, but the floss is nice for getting wet/drying out and repelling dirt better, and it is a little less noticeable than embroidery thread or yarn until it is re-sized.
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                        A little update. I found the Ring Snuggies at Wally World in the jewelry dept. 3 bucks for a pack of about 5 or 6 of them in all sizes and shapes. I cut one in half because I have small fingers and the tubes are a tad long. It works really well and I cannot even tell it is on.