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I Just Bought a Treadmill!

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  • I Just Bought a Treadmill!

    No assembly and free S&H and easy pay too. I have to get this weight down. I lost 12lbs before Thanksgiving then gained it all +2 more pounds back. I get breathless easily. Even mild tighness in my chest. This I can do. I can't fit into most of my clothes and love my groomer scrubs because of the drawstring on the pants. My tummy fat is too high. My waist is too big for good health. I know in my photo I look thin, but I have it around my middle.By this 4th of July I expect to be much thinner than last year. Keep your paws crossed for me.Of course, I will eat less and better too. Walking is the best easiest way to move and loose. It gets too hot in the summer to walk. Frankly, I am disgusted with my fat self.