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Gulp. Flying Fur's Track Record 2010

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  • Gulp. Flying Fur's Track Record 2010

    Today I signed up for XBT!

    That's Xtreme Body Transformation Course!

    The course includes
    2 months Kick Boxing classes
    2 months Weight Gym membership
    3 Personal weight training sessions
    Weekly personal Fitness evaluations
    Weight Training and nutritional plan
    Daily log book and instructional DVD (on the weight machines)
    professional Goal setting seminar coaching

    WOW!! The gym is a 5 min drive away. I've already marked my appointment book to accomodate the classes. yikes! I'm excited. Tomorrow is my fitness evaluation. They are taking a "before" picture too!!! The "most transformed body" will win a 1 year unlimited kickboxing membership. I'll post my stats tomorrow.

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    OK. I haven't had much time to be here since I've been at the gym 4 out of the last 5 nights. I'm loving it so far. The kick boxing classes are absolutely brutal! I like the weight training. Everyone there is really nice and the owners are very helpful and will work on a nutrition plan with me. stats

    I am 54 years old
    160.6 lbs
    32.4% body fat

    I would like to get down to 140 with 26% body fat.


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      Well, I was going really strong for most of the week. Thursday I was ticked because I couldn't get to a 7:30pm class because of a golden doodle that took me ages to groom. Friday night I went and did weights (40min) and a class (1 hour) and then a weight instruction lesson (45 min). I was exhausted. I'll also add that I groomed 24 dogs this week, which is a really busy week for me.

      Sat morning I went to do another weight session (legs/back) and had to rush through it to finish in time to get to a cardio class at 12:00. I ran up stairs to the class already tired and out of breath. She started the class and I just couldn't keep up AT ALL. I got really discouraged and thought that I should just leave the class right then. Tears were welling up and I felt like I just couldn't do this. I'm too old, too weak, too out of shape, too tired.

      Maybe the instructor noticed I wasn't doing very well, I don't know, but she seemed to take it down a level or two and did some stretching, etc for about 5 minutes. It helped me catch my breath and recover a bit. So I continued on, but still felt bad. I left quietly and came home to cry.

      So, I am taking a day off - we do get Sundays "off" - and trying to regroup.


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        I just bought a treadmill

        It arrives at my door around the 25th. I know it will take time to gain stamina, but I already can walk from the rig to the clients house and back. LOL So since I can walk (no problem from my chair to the fridge) I guess I can start off slowly for the treadmill. I just Have to do this! Everytime I loose I gain back more and it scares me to try again. I think you are doing great. Don't give up, it takes time; you know that Rome wasn't built in a day.


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          Just eat salad every day like i do and limit pasta to once a week. I have made good friends with the Stairmaster. Just wish i could buy one. It's just over a grand. Uugh!
          Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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            After two weeks...

            I had a weigh-in and measurement

            Weight 154.0 (from 160.6)
            Waist measurement went down 1/2"

            I got over the "hump" and am enjoying the classes again!


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              Final evaluation was today....

              After 8 weeks. What a fun bunch of people I met. I had my ups and downs. In week 4 I fell down the stair at home. Got THE most humongous bruise on my butt and wrenched my shoulder badly. I also had to put down my Teddy that week. I couldn't do any of the weight training that week, but went to 7 classes in 6 days.
              So the results were
              weight from 160.6 to 148.8 (-11.8lbs)
              body fat from 32.4 to 25.9 (-6.5%)
              waist from 37.25 to 32.5 (-4.75")

              I feel soooooo much better, so healthier and so much happier. I have joined for another 3 months of unlimited classes.


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                Congratulations what an amazing accomplishment.
                Except for the bruises you must feel much better.