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    Hi ya'll it's me Pixiedust, and this is the year I am going to do it! My friend Angela in another shop here has been such an inspiration to me, She is 15 years younger than I am and last year she told me she was going to start on Jan 2nd. She did and WOW she is now 110 lbs lighter and a size 4! never been a 4 in her life! I am so thrilled for her she was able to get off a lot of her meds and is so much healthier because of her lifestyle change.
    So this is going to be my focus this year.

    I begin this journey at 210 pounds. Down 3 pounds in the last week

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    Yay Pixie! I too, have to make some changes to my health ,and wellbeing,and I'm trying too. I know its hard. Right now my tummy is grumbling,because I am eating small,low cholestrol,low cal meals, and I want a smoke too,. But I sure can
    t wait to fit into my nice clothes,ease the ache of arthritis in my hips,and pelvis,and slowly become unchazined from those horrid ciagarettes I am so addicted to. Blessings on your journey!
    "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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      Good Luck Pixie!

      If all goes well, I hope to lose 50 pounds this year (would like to lose more than that though)
      ~*~*~Shawn, C.M.G.~*~*~
      Apparently common sense isn't all that common
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        Wow Pixie good for her. What plan did she follow? I'm thinking of doing weight watchers


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          she cut the carbs totally, I think she started with weight watchers but switched to Atkins. she also started out by walking a mile a day at first.
          here is part of hre email to me:
          Hey Dawn..I almost forgot to send you this info!!! When I started last year I basically cut out most bad carbs..BREAD, RICE, POTATOES, SUGAR...all the white stuff (LOL!) I cut out all red meat and basically just ate baked, broiled or grilled chicken and talapia, salmon, and catfish. I ate grilled chicken salads for lunch pretty much everyday. I just didn't get cheese or croutons on the salads. If you can eat a dry salad..that is best. If you like dressing ...Naturally Fresh makes a good lite ranch dressing that is low in sugar, fat and carbs ( just measure out 2 tblspoons and that is one serving of it.) If you don't want a salad... Applesbees has Cajun Lime Talapia that is really good (just tell them to double up on the brocolli instead of giving you the rice). They also have something called garlic herb chicken which is also good. Sometimes I would have one of those for dinner if I wasn't in the mood for a salad. Dairy Queen and Zaxby's both have really good salads but Subway is my favorite because you can load it down with veges. As far as a list of foods you can have...basically the green vegetables......brocolli, green beans, collard greens, asparagus, cucumber, bell pepper, hot peppers, banana peppers ...just stay away from carrots( high carb). When you eat a salad eat as many of the salad vegetables as it takes to make you feel full. If you want something sweet...get some cool whip...freeze it ...and it tastes like ice cream! I live off of cool whip. I buy it in the tub and in the spray on bottle. Sugar free jello is good ...just spray a little cool whip on top. When I crave something sweet (which is all the time) cool whip saves me from cheating!!!! As far as drinking ...I cut out everything but water. If you like plain water..that is great. I add the sugar free lemonade additive to mine. As far as exercising...we walked everyday for about 3 months. After the first 3 months we skipped Saturday and Sunday. We started out walking one mile a day then slowly worked our way up to 4 miles a day. After that we joined the gym and now alternate running/walking 5 miles a day 5 days a week. Basically you just work your way up at your on pace and having a treadmill at home will make that really easy for you to do. That is basically about it. If you have trouble wanting to snack at night (which is my problem) just keep pork skins ( I know that sounds bad but they have NO carbs! Just have a few and drink lots of water and you will feel full!) , and pickles, fat free cheese, and low fat sandwich meat. If you get hungry and really need to eat. eat an extra piece of chicken or fish (this won't give you any extra carbs for the day). Just remember....LOW CARB! That is what will get the weight off of you least that is what did it for me....


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            That is great weight loss. You guys can do it also. Losing weight is the hardest thing for me to do. I have lost 25 lbs since July. I work out at gym, treadmill and light weights plus attend Your Imige weight loss program, since October. You can eat so much food on this program. They watch carbs, salt and sweets. However I am pretty bad to cheat. I think, I know, I have gained about five lbs back during the last couple weeks. So plan to get started again on Monday. Hope to lose 50 more by end of year and I'm sure it will take me the whole year to reach that goal! I am a choc a holic. I would probaby eat a chocolate covered roach. Ugh!


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              Thanks for the info Pixie. I am just not a meat eater. Not against it just don't like it. So maybe weight watchers will work I know a few members did WW and did good so any WW success stories? I guess what ever we stick too will work. I just got over 5 kidney stories one was 1 cm and had to be zapped so lots of water for me. I have a feeling the stones are related to my fast food diet, so no more of that!!!


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                Today is a good day, all my dogs are clean, chicken is roasting in the oven, Christmas fudge and cookies in the trash can and day 2 on the treadmill! I will get in some WII exercise a bit later.
                my first goal is to be able to get out of bed at 5 so I have time to start my day on the treadmill before showering and heading to work. It's not going to be easy, wait yes it is, yes it is, I can get up, I can I can!

                Wii time!


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                  Good luck to you pixiedust!! You can succeed!!!!


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                    I have walked a mile almost each day, sometimes it's really hard because of the pain in my left foot. But I pressed on and have been really been watching what I have been eating.
                    for breakfast I have been having a soy protein shake with added fiber, a few blueberries and a banana in it. for lunch a bit of chicken for protein and lettuce,
                    so far I am down 7 pounds!


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                      Dawn, I cannot stand salad without dressing.

                      There are delicious ways to make (very easily) your own dressings!

                      You can use Olive Oil or just omit the oil, it'll just be very thin! Anyway, you can add lemon juice, mustard powder, salt or sugar substitute (Stevia or that other stuff, whatever works). Or just plain ol' lemon juice! I love lemon juice! You don't need a lot, either, to give it some flavor!

                      Good luck to you, you will feel much better. I have gained 15 lbs. in the last year or so. I am going to be 40 in July, I think that is why.

                      Tammy in Utah
                      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                        Good for you

                        I want to lose 25lbs. The only thing I don't agree with is drinking or eating any aspertame or artificial sweeteners ever. I also agree no high fructose corn sweeteners. Giving up the white foods such as white flour, Thomas' English muffins or a bagel, will be harder. I don't like to eat red meat, but I will form flavor in my homemeade soup. I saw a man on tv who lowered his B/P and weight by giving up salt to a very low amount and eating right. I believe walking is the best way to help, and it's free. A walking buddy would be great. Oh, I forgot, my dogs would love a walk. LOL A fellow human diet changer would be great.


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                          Yeah, good for all of you! Pixie, I know how hard it is to quit the smoking. I quit cold turkey almost 6 yrs ago. Do yourself a favor and DON'T try to focus on weight loss right now. It is MUCH better to gain a little weight while you get the devil cigarette monkey off of your back and after you have that licked THEN concentrate on weight loss. Just don't let yourself get too carried away w/the munchies when you have a craving.

                          Did you know that a actual "nic fit" only lasts for 10 minutes? Just keep that in mind when you are really wanting one and do deep breathing and drink a BIG glass of water or chew the heck out of some gum and wait out that 10 min. That is what helped me!

                          For those of you that choose sugar free sweets to satisfy a craving, did you know that you are actually making the cravings worse? I remember reading that from several different souces and have learned from personal experience that (for me) it is true. If you don't have health restrictions, IMO you are MUCH better off having a small sweet w/sugar to satisfy the urge. Just keep it reasonable.

                          I have lost almost 15 lbs since October 30 (my 40th B-day) and am down to 115 (at 4' 11" 130 was getting pretty big), mostly just by simply replacing my nightly desert w/a big bowl (or 2) of frozen fruit. I was getting very carried away w/my sweets and found that this was a easy solution. I now crave frozen fruit wheras before I craved anything I still have an occasional "real" dessert, but it's not a nightly need anymore. I will sometimes sprinkle a little stevia (natural sweetner) or a spoonful of sugar on the fruit, but usually "all natural" works just fine. Something about it being frozen makes it taste better and seem more like a treat.

                          Tammy, you are so right about the dressings. I am pretty creative w/my salad dressing and have actually gotten to where a very small amount satisfy's. If I have tuna on my salad I will drain some of the tuna water on it and I don't need any more. I love spicy and will sometimes use a favorite hot sauce or the juice from a jar of jalapinos or spicy olives. I also really like Paul Newmans basalmic vinagerette or light northern italian dressings. I usually use less than a Tbs on a large salad.

                          When you make a salad a meal make sure to add a good protein to it. My salads usually have some type of meat and a bean or two plus frozen, rinsed peas and some cheese. I like the reduced fat feta w/tomato and basil.

                          Sorry this got so long, but "health" has become one of my
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            Sheila, thanks for your concern about the smokes but I am not a smoker haven't in 10 years.

                            I just broke into the 190"s for the first time in 5 years! 7 pounds to my next goal.
                            been walking as much as I can and putting a bit of oil on my salad!


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                              I tried atkins once...

                              When I finished grooming school, I was the most I ever weighed... and being so young, I was determined not to get so lazy. (i was 19) I did the atkins diet with my sister. I worked out for an hour each night before bed, and in no time I went fro 138-127, and I bought skinny jeans and a tiny bikini... I looked great. Then I got lazy again. I lost my muscle tone, and gained 5 pounds... then I had one baby... And gained 20 lbs... then I had another baby... and gained 10 more pounds...

                              Now being the mother of 2 little ones, and a 10 year old step daughter, as well as working full time, and having a litter of pups at home... I'm just pooped. But my sisters are trying to keep me motivated, and hopefully I can lose 20 pounds this year... I may have to do the atkins thing again.