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Gypsy's Track Record 2010

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  • Gypsy's Track Record 2010

    Hey all!

    I have been excited about joining this! So here I am... taking the leap on my favorite board that I am looking at all the time anyway...

    Good luck to all.


    29 ( Feb 21 )

    Looking to lose a lot of weight. Lets just say I have more then my share and would like to get it off lol.

    Started today Jan.2.2010

    Will post back sunday morning for a weight loss / gain post.... UGH! This really makes me feel acountable lol GOOD!

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    Staying on a weigh in day with Biggest loser show

    So I am weighing in early so that my weigh in day is Wednsday. The reason for this is so I can be on track with biggest loser LOL. I know its silly but Its motivation for me and whatever works right!

    So my WI today is a LOSS of 3 pounds! wooot


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      Good for you Gypsy! day at a time. I called a buddy when I was in the kitchen foraging when I got home from work, she helped, I picked up the Christmas fudge and put it in the ttrash, Got rid of the cookies too. Phone a friend really helps!