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Start Your Groomers Biggest Losers 2010 Thread Now!!

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  • Start Your Groomers Biggest Losers 2010 Thread Now!!

    As the year wanes to a close and most are exhausted from the busy and demanding holiday season, oh yeah and grooming too, it's time for those of you with a weight loss goal for 2010 to share here. We will start anew on January 1, 2010.

    Congratulations to everyone that achieve any of their weight loss goal in 2009 and I hope we can share our records for that here as well on that day.
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    I am glad we are doing this again,,,hopefully I will continue to lose weight myself,,,,it'll be a great support again for me to read thru and cheer others on.
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      Glad I am here for the next years support through all our journeys!


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        I'll be here

        Even though I am on maintainence now. I will be support to anyone who needs it. As so many of you gave me support this last year.


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          Originally posted by TAILSRWAGON View Post
          Even though I am on maintainence now. I will be support to anyone who needs it. As so many of you gave me support this last year.
          And a BIG, SKINNY, CONGRATS to you Tails. You have definitely been an inspiration w/ your dogged determination and terrier-like tenacity in your challenge! Merry Christmas!
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            Glad to find this thread. I just posted on another. I lost 25 lbs since the summer. Have a goal of 50 more. It will probably take all of 2010 to reach that goal, but hope do do it before year end. I am a choc o holic. Weight loss is a very hard thing for me. I go to gym, tread mill and light weights also walk and follow Your Image weight loss program. I'm sure I have gained at least 5 lbs in last two weeks. Plan to get started again on Monday. Hope I can make it!


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              Glad I found this thread

              Hi All,

              I am so glad I found this thread. It is great to know there are other groomers that are having the same obstacles with loosing weight as I am. If there are any Houston area groomers on this thread, let me know..perhaps we can get together in person for some encouragement and ideas.
              Good Luck Everyone with your goals in 2010


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                So now that the holidays are over and the clients have stopped bringing us all those boxes of candy, plates of cookies and baklava that must've put 10 pounds on my bum just by walking past the tray, it's time to start thinking about losing some extra weight. I'm getting married in August and it would be nice to be smaller by then. My sister wants to lose some weight as well, so we're trying to eat a bit better at the shop. I am so glad there are more of you out there. We're gonna need all the help we can get. >.< To reach my ideal weight I need to drop around 70 pounds (ACK!). We're swearing off fast food and trying to make sure to take time to eat a proper lunch so we're not starving by the late afternoon. It's gonna be hard to cut back on the sweets when Maggie's hubby makes fudge to relax on his day off, but so far no fudge has come to the shop this year. Way to go to all you that are succeeding, and keep up the good work! Hopefully we'll have good news to report soon. Happy grooming!