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  • How many of you

    use Laube clippers and/ or blades?

    I haven't used them in the last ten years or so, because they needed ALOT of maintenance and ruined your blades (spread the little "ears" with each use, until they broke off). I wasn't crazy about the way the blades cut - not as clean as the Andis or Oster blades. And they were really heavy. So I went back to Andis and have been happy with them.

    Now, I've been hearing that the Laubes have become more reliable and durable, not to mention lighter. I always loved them - when they were working - because they were so powerful. But I got tired of constantly having to work on them/replace them.

    Anyhow, now that I need new clippers, I've been considering giving them another try. Have they really been improved, like I've heard? Tell me what you've found.

    poodleUp, Frances

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    I have a pair of Mini Laube clippers.I like the speed, being that they don't drag when the coat is thicker.They are noisier and vibrate a lot!I have had some hand/arm trouble, and they vibrate so that I have to put them down til my hand 'wakes up'.They are light weight, which I like, but they get hot to hold.The blades get hot in a hurry due to the speed of the clipper, but having a few ceramic blades has helped that some.I use the Laube blades, which the Laube Rep said to do, but still no better.I won't trade them though, because I do favor their clipping action.I have had mine serviced twice this year.Hope this helps a little.


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      They definitely do require more maintenance than the other brands, but I absolutely love the way they work. The blades lock on and its virtually impossible for them to pop off. They have good power for going through mats. I don't use the Luabe blades. I prefer the buttercut blades by Geib.
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        Mine have given me issues (my Laube Litenings), but I really do like them. They are higher maintenance but anything that has a performance level like that is going to until it is finally perfected. And then they come out with a "new" model, lol. The problems were mainly with the switch.

        I also have Laube blades, which I LOVE.

        Tammy in Utah
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          I love,love,love Laube clippers. Been a diehard fan for more then 10 years. Dont care much for the blades. The only blades i will purchase now are Geib Buttercuts. I have plenty of Oster and Andies blades from years back but all my new purchases are Geib.
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            I love Laube blades! I've used #10 of other brands and they just don't compare to my Laube #10. I have an Andis clipper which I am satisfied with.
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              Funny, I love their blades.

              Nothing as good and lasts as long. I have the razor Laube clipper, have to say it vibrates and is rather large. But I use if for what I got it for, big shave downs, thick coats. Get's through the Chow/Pembroke Corgi mix coat, my dear and comfortable Andis clipper would only stall on. I have the speed feed too, but found if I push under a mat it'll nick (two different types of blades) and the speed sort of goes up and down. Still it is so handy on a bath and tidy only dog, taking only that, brush, nail clippers and my bathing stuff (bathing beauty, shampoo) into a home.
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                I certainly agree with you, Poodleup, about Laube ruining blades. I had Laube's years ago and got so tired of replacing my blade ears (think those little ear thingies are called blade sockets) that I gave the Laube clippers away! I am a die-hard Andis fan. No maintenance and No problems.


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                  I liked my speedfeed for the whole two weeks it worked. Hated the service so much I gave them away.


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                    I have a Laube Litenings clipper and I love it. It took me a while to get use to and now I can't work without it. I havn't had any problem (knock on the wood) since I got it and i got it last year at Hershey.


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                      Thank you for all the info. Sounds like they haven't changed much. I gave away my last pair, too.

                      Yes, they are WAY powerful, but I only do foofoos that are here at least once a month, mostly every week or two , so I don't need the power. Looks like I'm sticking with Andis. I am going to try the Buttercuts, though. I've only heard good things about them, and I LOVE my Geib shears.

                      Thanks! You all came through again!



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                        I've heard NOTHING but good about the Buttercut blades, so I bet you can't go wrong with them!

                        Tammy in Utah
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                          If the Laubes are vibrating that could be the blade socket not fitting tight on the hinge. I change all sockets out to the Andis ones because the are stronger, but not brittle like many others.

                          A couple of things to try to reduce the vibration are 1) get one of those foam drink can holders and put it around the clipper. 2) they make anti-vibrations gloves for mechanics when they use air tools to help with carpal tunnel and work great.

                          The regular Laube blades cut much better than the old ones. Sockets are hard to adjust and tend to break for some reason lately. The new cutters have more teeth than any of the other brands so the cut is much smoother.

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