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    hello everyone:

    i am having a problem with my partner in our new business. i've been in the grooming business for 6 years and groomed at several different shops. he has no pet industry background. i can't believe we are having such difficulty on what type of tub to purchase. i've worked with "forever stainless steel" a couple of times and think this tub is great. he says lets just spend $300 and get the basic tub (no opening for easy access for large dogs and no ramp). i worked with this tub before and try getting a great dane in this one, especially one that doesn't like to take a bath. a great dane i did tore this tub out of the wall. what's the best thing to do without causing so much of a hassle. my partner doesn't realize that i will be spending most of the time at the shop alone, not him. he's putting up the money for the shop. should i just give in since it's his money and get the cheap one? or spend my money and buy a stainless with the opening and ramp? does it really matter in the long run or are they all basically the same. would greatly appreciate any feedback as i'm going crazy. am i making too much of a big deal out of this or what.

    i forgot to mention i already suffer from back problems.

    dazzed and confused.

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    Oh my, I know how you feel. I've been grooming for almost 7 years and a few months ago, I went into business with 3 other groomers. The tub was a big issue. They pushed for the regular tub and I was kind of out numbered on the decission. Anyway, the tub we wanted was $266.00 however, one of the girls found the same exact tub on clearance for less than 100. I caved, that was a good deal and it fit perfectly into the spot where we wanted it with just a couple of inches (literally) to spare. The plumber came to install it and it cost more than $1,200.00 to install it. He had so much trouble, plus we had to built a platform for it. We could have bought a tub with a ramp for just a little more than that and it would have definately been worth it. Now, a few times I had to cancel an appointment on a big dog because I was stuck alone in the shop and couldn't get the dog in the tub. The other day, I carried a 85 lb. samoyed into the tub from my table (it was easier that way) and I am 5'3 and weigh 110 lbs. And I'm in the process of negotiations of buying my partners out which leaves me having to hire someone, just to help me with larger dogs. And I tell you, as soon as I can afford it, I will rip out that stincking tub and buy a stainless steel with a ramp. My advice to you, go with the tub with the ramp.


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      There are some items where it's ok to go with less expensive, and some items where it's being penny wise and pound foolish. I think your tub falls into the latter catagory.

      You have some valid points in favor of the better tub. You will be working alone, at least part of the time. You already know from experience what types of problems you're apt to run into. And you already have back problems.

      Is your partner going to pay for your time off work if you sustain further back injury? Is he going to pay for surgery and rehab, should it come to that?

      If the only issue is money, tell him to suck it up and cut costs somewhere else. Or just plain suck it up. This is your body, you should have the proper equipment to do the job as easily and safely as possible.


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        well, there is a reason they call them "forever" tubs. Because that is how long you will be paying on them lol. Why not settle for a human tub raised up and have a grooming table on wheels that you can just wheel the big ones over.
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          Get the proper equipment now. Your back will thank you later. I agree with Helly. Pinch the ol' mity dollar on anything but not on top quality equipment. I only buy the best cause my body is worth it.
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            Originally posted by diamienono View Post
            Why not settle for a human tub raised up and have a grooming table on wheels that you can just wheel the big ones over.
            I hate our raised human tubs. The sides are slopped and the dogs just slip and slide on the side. We even have mats in the tub, but the dogs always head for the far back. When I have my own shop I am going to get a GOOD tub.
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              I think it's all about what you're used to. I've never used a stainless or any other kind of pet tub. We have a very small space that we put a trailer sized tub in. The shop I worked for previously did the same thing so I really didn't know of any other way to do it. When we started our shop we had limited funds so we had to stretch every dollar. If we ever move though our tub would have to stay behind and we'd have to buy another, I guess at that time I might invest in a nicer tub. I'm pretty tall though and I like having the tub up a bit higher when I do have to bathe a dog.


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                I use a human tub. It was $300 at Home Depot. I have it raised to the best height for me which just happens to be the right height for the three sides to reach the ceiling. It really looks good, is easy to clean and I've never had trouble with any dogs or cats in it. I really wanted a 'Forever Stainless' but just didn't have the funds. Now that I've been using the '$300 special' for many years, I really wouldn't spend the money on a stainless.


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                  I have that $300 tub.

                  I have that same tub and it is not worth the money. That gray sparkle spray is coming up and the bottom of my tub is peeling. It looks awful. I've only had the tub for a little over a month. The corners are sharp and I've cut myself a few times. My rubber suction cups won't stick to the side either. I wish I would have gotten a better tub. Regrets!


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                    is the business incorporated, or an actual partnership? i think it depends who's stuck with the final bill when it comes to buying equipment, but there are some things where you just have to spend a little more for the longrun.

                    i had the same situation as you as far as my shop partner not having any experience with grooming, so when i chose my stainless steel hydraulic tub and explained why its the best choice for our place since i'm the only groomer here, she agreed and 'let' me get it LOL. i technically paid for it, but ultimately its part of my shareholder loan, so the company actually owns it. The tub was $2500 plus shipping to Canada from Ohio... do i regret it? not one bit! its saved me from back strain, allows the dogs to jump right in, and i can raise it and lower it to where its comfortable for BOTH of us(she's almost a foot taller than me). just today, i was able to be in the shop by myself and do a Newfie, no problem.

                    i'm sure some of you will think i'm crazy, but oh well..LOL. i'm the only one in my area with one, so its also a big selling feature and clients love it.


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                      Lovetogroom, I don't think we have the same tub. I don't have any gray sparkle on mine, nothing is peeling, no sharp corners and I've been using it for about three years. Sorry yours isn't working out.


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                        Bath tub

                        In my shop, I had a large shower base installed, walls around this base was about 3 -4 foot tall on 3 sides. Then I would just walk the large dogs into this shower stall. I had a faucet fairly low to the floor and could attach my hydrosurge to it, I would plug the bottom drain with a rubber flap. Worked great, I didn't have to pick up the dog.


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                          One place I was at had the $300 tub that has had to be reinstalled and retiled three times now to the tune of $1200 each time. They are getting ready to rebuild and are going to go Forever Stainless.

                          Another place I have been at has had a $300 tub and hasn't had to do any repairs on it for 10 years.

                          When I build, I am going Forever Stainless because of the hydrosurge wells and hair traps.


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                            thank you all so much for your input and time, i really appreciate it.