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Clipper Vac, IVac, Taxi Vac???Which one to choose

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  • Clipper Vac, IVac, Taxi Vac???Which one to choose

    OK Basically I want to know your experience with any of these systems. I am planning on purchasing on for my shop but I want to get what is best for my situation. I want to know if you ave compared the units? which you prefer? and why? or why do you dislike the unit?

    I mainly need this because I am asthmatic and since opeing up my shop and grooming in a closed area my breathing hasn't been as easy as I used to groom from home, outside.

    in advanced for your input.

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    Taxi Vac- I love, small attachment, easy to maneuver and quiet, also your clippers are still easy to use when not using vac, Consisyency of airflow is easily maintained.

    Clipper Vac- Large attachment, cumbersome to use clippers when not using vac. Quiet still but harder to control airflow speed consistently.

    IVAC, loud because of shop vac, easiest to handle because of only one cord, POOR life expectancy, many problems still in system.


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      You won't go wrong with either system. I personally like the way the Taxi Vac empties on the bottom, and I like the piece that fits on the clipper from clipper vac better!


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        Yep either would work

        The IVAC is a clipper and can work with either system or a shop vac. I am waiting to to get one, seeing some problems currently. I have the TaxiVac and love the ease of emptying the hair and especially love the flowing adjustible suction knob. But main thing is you get a Vac System, it is so much better for grooming.
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          Have used the taxi vac for 5 years and would not groom without it! It has air flow control and empties from bottom. The clipper vac does not.