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  • eye drops?

    What eye drops do you use for pets when giving a bath. Where do you get it? Is it for cats and dogs or just dogs? Before or after the bath?

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    I don't like what I got

    a Pet Catalog brand, I swear makes the dog's eye area oily, no matter how small an amount. I was recently very embarrished on a malteses eyes from that. It would be added before the bath to protect the eyes from shampoos. It has been said that even my wonderful hypo-allergenic, tearless still shows some damage potential to the eyes.
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      I must admit I dont use any eye drops for pets. I use them myself as my eyes get fur in them sometimes, but I was under the impression we shouldnt administer anything to pets, thought that was for the vets. I dont put anything in orifices, only clean around eyes carefully. So this post could prove informative! Cant wait to see others reply. Good question


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        Used safe eye for dogs that had flea baths and dips but it has mineral oil in it and it did tend to make the fur around the eye very greasy and it was hard to wash out and the fur in that area appears oily after being dried still.


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          mineral oil. I just use plain old mineral oil in a dropper. Just be sure not to let the dropper touch the eyes!
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            I use the drops from petedge. I've heard that they all are pretty much the same stuff (like 90% mineral oil) I find that if I get the dog's Face wet first and then add only one drop to each eye I don't get any oily residue. I think the water helps to relpel the oil from the fur.

            I'll admit, before I found petgroomer I did not use eye drops either. But after hearing about how improtant it is to protect the eyes and such I changed my mind. It's amazing the amount of info avalible here. I have had no problems with using eye drops, and I feel much better knowing that I am protecting the dog.


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              Plain ole mineral oil. Supposedly there is an ophthalmologic grade mineral oil out there, but I haven't found it. I asked my pharmacist and he just looked at me like I was If you look at any of the eye drops ingredients that you buy you will find that they are just mineral oil. BTW, the vet I used to work for told us to use plain mineral your money and don't bother w/the marketed stuff....JMO.. The only "tricks" I have found to help w/not getting the face greasy is to just be careful to only add a single drop, and to get the face wet before you add them in (think this was already mentioned). Make sure to scrub well around eyes and it should be just fine!
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                if the dog will tolerate a cotton balll, put it by the tear duct area whilt putting in the drop of m/o, it will capture the extra oil.


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                  I don't use eye drops except for cats and dogs that are sedated while grooming at the animal hospital I work at, and I've never had a problem to this point.

                  I found this on the ISCC website (scroll down to "eyes"):


                  Tammy in Utah
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                    At this time I don't use eye drops, however I notice a LOT of the dogs I work on end up with hair stuck in their eyes. I don't feel comfortable wiping it out for fear of scratching the eye with the hair..

                    I had eye surgery a few years back, and had to use saline eye drops for the longest time. The doctor recommended I use the ones without preservatives in them.. they come in the single-use little vials.. they were very comfortable going in, and not oily at all.

                    Would it be ok to use these eye drops at the end of the groom to help flush out any debris or other irritants that occured during the groom? (I'll ask my local vet as well, and tell y'all what they say ).


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                      Ok, I called our local vet, and they said it'd be ok to use "Artificial Tears". I think I'll get a pack of the single-use vials, and feel much better about the whole hair-in-eyeball situation


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                        Interesting Tammy

                        Well that web goes along with my ear plucking beliefs.

                        I guess cotton at the tear ducts might work, but the oil is put in all of the eye and when the dog blinks or such a bit has gotten on the little lovely should look clean face.

                        I use a hypo-allergenic, tearless shampoo from EZ Groom and also have never had any problems, it was only Helly's sharing of cornea's showing injury from tearless shampoo, I think it was, that had me try drops. But it looked awful for a very high end Maltese and a new Yorkie, so not doing it now. I have opted to be very careful, then to be sure rinse over the eyes with clear water (as has worked for me when I get non-tearless hair shampoo in my eyes.

                        I do just wipe out hair very gently with my cotton, or sometimes my fingers when in a big hurry. Again never had any eye complaints, hope I'm not jinxing that by saying this stuff.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.