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homemade recirc. nozzle question

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  • homemade recirc. nozzle question

    For those who have made their own recirc. system, what kind of hose should I get and I've heard people mention a fireman's nozzle having good pressure. What is it and where can I get it? Can someone post a pic of it?

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    I tried the firemans nozzle, and the mini firemans nozzle. Both got me more wet than the dog. Water just seemed to splash back at me. If I turned down the pressure, the water didn't splash so much but it didn't have enough pressure to wash the dogs. Especially big hairys.
    For mine I just got the shortest garden hose I could, cut off about 6 feet or so, put a new end on and used a cheap 99 cent sprayer I got at Lowes.
    Works great for me!
    I'll try to add pics of the firemans nozzle and the one I use. The one I use is the yellow one.
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      Thanks a bunch. That was helpful. Where did you get the mini though?