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Dove or Lux dish soap for bathes?

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  • Dove or Lux dish soap for bathes?

    Has anyone used or use these products for bathes?

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    Why do you ask?

    What are you trying to accomplish?
    Whiter brighter coats?

    Gentle on hands?

    Less expensive?


    I don't use anything but dog shampoo, even on my own dogs.
    I've heard others say they use Ivory for some reason. Dawn for grease removal.



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      yes we have used dawn dishsoap or dove and other liquid soaps before. usually on really dirty cats or those nasty greasy cockers. works pretty good in my opinion.


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        Grineinator is the one to use......

        GRIMEINATOR seen as seen in the ad just to left on this board. It is meant to be used on dogs and whitens and gets rid of grease.It works great on RV dogs who travel and get sooty paws.


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          The reason I asked is that my show dog mentors have used it for years, and I have used it on my own and clients show dogs (dogs that can get up to 4 bathes per week) for years as well as my house and kennel dogs.

          I had someone tell me that: the PH is wrong and it will dry out the dogs skin. I have not had that happen. I have seen flakey skins when the soap is not completely rinsed out and this was with both dish soap and "premium" shampoos. If the cleaning agent is rinsed out completely there will not be flaking. Besides, these days most everyone follows a shampooing with a creme rinse/conditioner.

          Grooming shop dogs may get bathed every 4 weeks if their lucky, so I personally don't buy into the PH theory.

          What really suprised me was the follow up comment: It would not be ethical to use a dish soap for grooming dogs?



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            Would you be comfortable

            telling the client you use dish soap on their dog?

            If everyone is ok with it--- then go ahead.

            I know of several groomers locally who use Ivory, swear by it. It's widely available. Cheaper. Works great. I don't know if any of these statements are true. Perception is reality.

            The woman who trained me used it on every dog as the shop shampoo. She took 2 average size bottles of Ivory & mixed it with water in 2 like 30 gallon containers set up like a Cosmos system (where the shampoo mix comes out of a small hose used for applying the shampoo mixture to the dog.) The shampoo mixture lasted at least a week. That's very cheap!

            peeeewwwww! Smelled very much bad first thing in the morning before "the lines got cleaned out".
            (All the more reason not to dilute too much prior to usage. No telling what kind of funk was hiding in there!)

            I'm not being hautey tautey. I just won't use anything except what I think is Professional Dog or horse Shampoo.

            How do you know proper dilution on dish soap? That's a safety issue to me.

            I am a shampoo freak. Always looking for the next greatest one. But I won't use dish soap. Even if it is better, cheaper, etc....JMO.



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              My first job,(1965) working in a kennel of show dogs, I used Ivory dish soap to bath the dogs. Never used anything else until I started working in boarding kennels and grooming shops. Now all I use is dog shampoo, Nature's Specialities.
              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                The PH is an excuse there is not enough of a difference to matter. But a good point would be:

                Nail Technicians got fined across the country because they were using dental products on nails instead of apporved nail acrylics.

                As the Country becomes more aware of pet issues and licensing becomes more realistic, I don't want to be in a position of not using Dog products.

                I think Eli makes a viable case. If you are willing to advertise that you use Human Hand soap on the precious pups then go ahead. If you feel the need to be inconspicous then DON'T.


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                  We used Dawn to get the oil off of our show poodles. I have used Ivory dish soap on a dog. I have used Dawn to wash very oily yorkies than even washing twice with reg shampoo wouldn't get clean. Dawn is used to remove oil from Oil Spill victims I believe it to be an effective degreaser. I have never seen it cause any skin problems on a dog. And if you are out of flea shampoo, Dawn will do that too. I prefer the smell of a nice shampoo though. And will only use dish soap on a very greasy dog.