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bath master bathing system

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  • bath master bathing system

    Okay who likes it and who doesn't. Is it as good as the hydrosurge? I have heard from a few that you like it, I just want a few more opinions.

    Thanks guys!

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    I have a few questions myself

    I'm sure that it works good providing you have great water pressure. My biggest concern is how quickly is it going to suck down a gallon of shampoo??!! I'm really considering buying 4 of these models and I just want to make sure I'm not going to go broke buying shampoo...anyone have any experience with the "Bath Master?" Thanks for any input !


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      I won the bathmaster on this board. I do like it, however I have been having trouble with it staying primed. It takes a bit b-4 shampoo comes out. Everytime I start it to wash all I get is water and then it kicks in the shampoo after what seems like a minute. I have the largest venture in as well. I was working better when I first got it. It doesn't use alot of shampoo. I do wish it put out more shampoo. Water pressure may be an issue. I was going to call the company and ask them what should I do.
      I do like my hydrosurge better because of the blasting power it puts out.


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          I have the hydro surge 5.1 wall drives me nuts! keeps getn clogged!! how do I unclog the thing??? it has cut the costs of shampoo I use drastically though. But, it gets on my freakn nerves! Im down to only one valve working and today we just hand bathed!! grrrrrrrrrrr
          I have the old hydro surge, in the tub unit, and it was a pain too, kept tripn the breaker..had to replace the switch, was 75.00 then the smell of that gunk on the bottom made me gag and cleaning it was disgusting!!! I hated the thought of all that nasty stuff recirculating! is there not the perfect shampoo system? if there is, let me in on it and save me some headaches!!!


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            I had the bath master and sent it back, It would take too long for the shampoo to come out, I had way to many problems with it. I sent it back and got a new one and had the same problems too. I would not buy the bath master.