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  • Cordless clippers

    I'm thinking of buying some cordless clippers. I live in Tampa where summer storms occur daily and there is a high chance of power loss, so I want to make sure I can still groom if the power in my shop does go out for awhile (I might not be able to SEE what I'm doing, but I want to be able to clipper!). Any recommendations on clippers? What features should I look for and how long do the batteries last before they require recharging?

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    Its not really useful for anything except shavedowns and sani/pads/clean face/etc but I love my wahl bravura! I wouldn't recommend a powergroom, I had a pair of those and wasn't happy with them at all.


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      The andis cordless is decent as cordless clippers go. I keep it around for just those reasons (I am in the Orlando area).

      Maggy, I do LOVE my wahl clipper as well but unless that dog is a matted mess it would be too close a shave down :-)


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        I have a Laube cordless and an Andis. If you don't want to constantly have to send in your clipper for repair get the Andis cordless, yes it is slower but I haven't had a problem with it.