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  • Ouside flea control

    Most who know me know I am the Advantage girl!
    Love the stuff... HOWEVER

    This summer I really want to change my protocol on flea control. I am having a big problem already with fleas. Altho Advantage works pretty well on my dogs, I think I must have lots of eggs in my yard because of the many stray cats & several stray dogs around here.

    Precor is the pesticide that stops flea eggs from hatching, but breaks down in sunlight. (Plenty of sunshine here!)
    I ask the garden center expert & she confirmed that it would not work outside except perhaps in the shade.

    So I asked her "How about overnight?" She didn't think so but she wasnt positive.

    Has anyone ever tried this? (Using Precor outside at night)

    Thanks Erica

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    We've tried so many different yard products! We also have so many strays roaming around plus I have a homebased business, so if a client brings in a dog with fleas at least a couple seem to jump in the yard and decide to live there for awhile. We now exclusively use Mosquito Barrier. It's an all natural garlic spray. I've gotten so leary about using pesticides, and they don't work for very long anyway. Mosquito Barrier says it will ward off ticks & mosquitos, but doesn't list fleas. However, since we've been using it - we have zero fleas! It states it has no smell, but we do detect a light garlicy type smell especially when it rains. But it has worked well for us and I wanted to pass the info on.


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      Thanks Milhasavilla!!

      Beginning to think I was the only one with fleas these days!



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        I like Demand CS power sprayed or granular insect control. If I am going to kill fleas I might as well take out spiders, cinch bugs, centipedes, silverfish and their friends.