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Ceramic material blades

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  • Ceramic material blades

    I am a grooming student and I have been doing some research on different grooming tools and equipment and I have been seeing this stuff about ceramic material blades. I was just wondering if anyone has tried these and if they really are any better than the normal steel ones.

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    Not to impressed

    I ended up buying a lot of them because I was starting over in grooming after being away for four years. I wanted the best. I have about 15 or 20 They don't cut as close as the steel ones. They do stay cooler, but I'm not crazy about them at all.


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      I use them and like them.It helps keep blades cooler esp.if you are using clippers that run at a high spm (strokes per min.) I also feel they hold an edge longer and you can replace the cutters rather than send the whole blade out for sharpening.Butter cuts are a great metal blade,but we all have our favorites and you will too soon,its really a personal thing for the most part.


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        Some like them

        When I re-started grooming again I ordered a bunch, nothing but the best I thought. I don't use them. I'm not sure if I can explain why, but almost as if not as smooth of a cut. I then ordered regular Laube blades and LOVE them.
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          I tried a couple of different brands. I liked that they didn't get hot as quickly, and they did seem to hold an edge longer. Problem was that I bought extra cutters, and when I replaced the cutter, the blade would not cut. The cutter was made by the same manufacturer as the blade. At any rate, I paid $9.00 for a cutter that didn't help the blade to cut. I could just pay $5 to have my metal blade sharpened. My blade guy told me that you cannot just replace the cutter, that you have to have the non-cutting teeth also honed (or whatever it is they do when they sharpen them). So, I liked them and used them while they were new, but when they stopped cutting, I threw them out and I will not buy any more.


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            I have a few and if I grab one I usually put it back for a steel one they don't cut as smooth to me either. I have a 7 skip (my only skip) I use it on dirty long coat before a bath just so I don't dull my steel blades