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Which brand Bravura or horse clippers?

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  • Which brand Bravura or horse clippers?

    I am going to get some bigger clippers for those double coat shave downs. Anyone have reccommendations as to the best brand? The only price I've seen is some Andis horse clippers for $229. Will they run a longer blade like a 3 or 4, or is it still going to be a short shave like a 7 or 10? I'd have to buy special blades for them, too right?

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    You can't really compare a Bravura with any other clipper. They don't take the same blades at all. If you're looking for a totally naked dog in a #9-40, maybe but I'm not really sure how much of a workhorse the cordless clippers really are. I'd go corded.


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      bravura is what my blade man highly recommended. I haven't used them personally of course, but my andis cut through a double coat with no problem. I used to lovee my Laubes,,fast and furious, but too high maintance!


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        I use the Oster horse clippers and I love them! Now I don't mind those OAY's or double coated breeds. Cuts like Butter!


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          I've used all kinds of clippers. I have to say, I don't think you need anything stronger than an Andis AGC Super 2 speed clipper corded, of course. Now if you want cordless, Sorry I can't help you there. Good luck on your search.