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    Yup, here i am again asking about another product line. So far this year, I have tried 4 new brands. I am loving an item from each, but not EVERYTHING. I am very pleased with the increase of quality grooms I am able to turn out by pursuing this research...and of course, thanks to y'all for the feedback, tips, and honest opinions I just ordered a small bottle of the Botanica (think it's called this) shampoo and Premier Creme Rinse. I wasn't searching for a new shampoo, I was more wanting to try one more creme rinse before purchasing gallons to restock my supplies. I really do love Dmat, and it rinses well for me and smells great. I just have to use so much of it. Can anyone give me any comments on their experience with Premier? I do love that it can be used right over shampoo, saving rinse water. #1) How easily does it rinse out? #2) Does it work pretty well being diluted out in a recirculation bath system?

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    I read something by "The Shampoo Lady" who said that conditioner shouldn't be put over shampoo because the conditioner seals in the shampoo and can cause itching. I don't know if this is true or not.


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      Pup, this isn't true for Eqyss. I do like Eqyss their Premiere Conditioner is very nice, I have soft water but found it to still rinse nicely.