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  • favorite wash system

    I am sure this was discussed on an old thread but I would like to know what everyone likes as far as a washing system. I am opening a SSDW/grooming and I have looked into the hydrosurge. Not the recirculating one. Is this the best and would you trust a lay person to use it?

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    I have just started a ssdw with my full serve business. It is off to a slow start, but I use the Prima system. I do need to show them how to use it, but it really is pretty simple. For shampoo, the dial is on "main tank", for cond. the dial is turned to "auxillary tank". I fill it for them depending on the size and type of dog.


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      I have had the Hydrosurge and loved it. In my new shop, I bought the Bath Master, since Hydrosurge only leases now, and you have to buy their shampoo. Both are great, and simple to use.