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blueberry facial- where can I get it?

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  • blueberry facial- where can I get it?

    Hello, this is my first posting here. I have been grooming for 20 years, and have been using certain favorite products, and gotten a bit set in my ways. I have read a lot of posts raving about a blueberry facial for tearstains. I would like to try it if someone can refer me to a manufacturer or distributor. Since I am in Maine, I think the blueberry product would be very popular. I appreciate any info!

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    Hi Wiz, I just ordered a gallon from (I called in a phone order). I haven't received it yet -- can't wait!! They use Fedex ground and are on the west coast. Where are you? I'm in So. Portland.


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      Try You can get the phone number there and order from them.


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        Hi C.C.!
        So you are in South Portland, ME? I am in Bridgton- just opened my shop a few months ago. I had a shop in MA for 12 years and moved to ME a year ago. I though I would retire from grooming, but it's what I do best, so here I go again! This time, I am offering way more retail (holistic foods, toys, collars, beds, etc.), hoping that I can eventually groom less and sell more. After 20 years, my body is beat up and I want to slow down, but I still enjoy it. So, you are going to try the blueberry facial too? We should make our own with the native fruit, huh?!?


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          Where you can get the original and best Blueberry Facial

          Hello everyone,

          There are two different Blueberry products. South Bark makes the original "Blueberry Facial", Spa Lavish makes a vanilla, blueberry face scrub. People try both and choose the one that works best for thier needs. You can get the original, most dramatic, Blueberry Facial from Use the codes "vendor", then "shampoo" to print the wholesale page. Groomers can buy at reduced pricing. You can also call 619.232.7387. or e-mail

          There is talk about both products, you can choose your favorite. I of course am bias. South Bark's is tearless, calming, cleansing, brightening, and smells great. It makes your whole shop smell wonderful. You can use it on the whole dog as a cleansing color enhancer also. People pick which facial product they like best based on what they like.. The clients like South Barks better because of how dramatic the blue face looks. The product DOES NOT STAIN the face or body blue.Ha!! I have heard some people joke about that. We have done over 75,0000. facials since it was developed it seven and a half years ago and have had no complaints or negative comments.

          Again, my two cents,


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            Hi Wiz -- Yes I thought the blueberry/Maine connection was good too!!! Congratulations on opening your new shop.