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Hydrosurge with Other Brands Shampoo

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  • Hydrosurge with Other Brands Shampoo

    Does anyone use the new hydrosurge system with shampoo's other than hydrosurge. I tried using kelco which I was using prior to getting the hydrosurge system and it doesn't seem to work really well. Let me know any experiences that you might have had. THANKS

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    Yes, A Hydro-Surge

    You can use any shampoo you like. In fact, I haven't used hydro-surge shampoo since the free sample when new. I use what ever I like with no problem.Grimeinator, Best Shot. Spalavish, lately, Coat handler.Best Shot makes a low suds for the hudros.


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      are you using the new 4 product version or the old in the tub unit?


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        If you are asking me, mustluv...

        My Hydro-surge is over 7 years old. Sits in tub. The vibration has worn a mark on the fiberglass tub. My plumber put holes in a small oxie clean bucket, and I put it in that. It needs more holes tho.I cut a spot and made a bigger hole, but it could rub now. HD, were ya talking to me? Are the new ones different? I hope this keeps on running...knock on wood. Can't live (Groom) without my gadgets.


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          Most shampoo manufacturers have tested their own products in the fresh-water Hydrosurge unit (as well as the recirculators). Call the 800-number and ask a customer service rep. I know Stazko's runs through at 3:1 dilution; you have to remember to shake the bottle to re-mix it periodically. ShowSeason System Shampoo runs through undiluted, as does their Speed Dry.