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  • Booster bath?

    After much consideration, I've decided to put my salon in a small commercial location. I have my own entrance to the building and a small office-type room to groom in. However there's no plumbing to the grooming room, and the bathroom must remain wheel-chair accessable (so I can't fit a permanently installed bathtub in the bathroom).

    So.. what about using the booster bath in the bathroom.. running water to it from the sink, and running the wastewater down the commode?

    Has anyone used the booster bath for both small and large dogs?

    I need to get my salon opened ASAP, so the bathtub would be fairly temporary (use it for 6 months or a year) until I become established enough to know I plan on staying in the building long enough to warrant permanent installation of a tub. (Hopefully that was clearer than mud ).

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    I personally would not use that Booster bath for any dogs over say 40# (unless it was a Corgi (LOL)). I looked at those before I had my shop for my own dogs and my main reason for not purchasing it was the mess the sides are not high enough and I don't think they are very sturdy. I think they would work great though for small dogs. Why do you have to keep it handicapped if there are no regulations for Salons, is it for the lease? It may be different in your area but in ours we could do what we wanted with things like that because there are no restrictions. I am a home shop but the other 2 shops in town that are commerical are the same way. They even have steps.


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      Check your laws because Grooming is not a "people oriented" business we don't have to have wheelchair bathrooms, entrances or handicap parking. If your business was designed for people (hair salon) then yes.

      My shop has 2 bathrooms and when it was a hair salon they had to have 2 we don't even have to have By law we had to have a water fountain because I have eployees.


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        If I recall, it is only 33" high, that is less than three feet. Maybe it's a little higher, but not much. Even if you're a shorty, like me at 5'2", and I think that is just the SIDES of the tub, not the bottom of the tub. It'll be a back breaker if you ask me.

        Think about stainless steel sinks that are used in restaurants and such---maybe you could find a used one somewhere.

        Good luck, and DON'T break your back.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Unfortunately the building has several different shops that share the same bathroom, so that's why it must remain accessible. (But it won't be a problem for me to "take up" the restroom a good part of the time since there is another shared bathroom too).

          My longer-ranged plans include having a second location in my home, and that one will have a permanent bathtub installed, so I could schedule the large dogs for that location.


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            I rent a luxury condo office building. I have 2 bathrooms, so the larger one I put in the groomers best tub and it drains into the toilet outlet in the floor. works great! We just ran small plumbing lines from the sink to the when I leave all I have to do is unhook, reset the toilet. could you not do that?


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              That's a neat idea, hairdevil.

              I'm still trying to solve several problems with the booster bath. Sure it was cheap.. but what a headache!

              Water all over the floor constantly.. my back is getting tired because it's too short.. and even though it's big enough for a large dog, it's probably not stable enough.. particularly because if they didn't want to "just stand there"!

              Hmm.. all problems that you fine folk foresaw coming..hehe.

              When I come up with a solution, I'll let y'all know! I may end up moving the bathing to the grooming room and rigging something up there.. but to move the sewer and water lines into that room will cost $2500.. so whatever I decide.. it'll have to be "rigged"