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    Does anyone have any opinion on the table by Shor-Line? It is offered by Petedge. I do not have a whole lot to spend and this one seems to have all the features I want. I am not sure how much casters will cost for it yet, but any suggestions would be helpfull.


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    Don't know about the one from shoreline, but the electric table from Master Equipment is awesome. Goes down low enough for big dogs to climb on and goes up and down so smoothly and quietly the dogs don't know it's happening. Goes really high too for us tall people! At $600 you can't beat it.


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      I don't know about the shoreline either. I have 3 petlift tables, 2 electric and 1 hydrolic. Best tables I've ever had the pleasure to groom on!!

      (from experience, dogs are much less willing to get on a table that is 19 or 20 inches at it's lowest. 12 inches is much better, they all will get right on it)


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        I have a hydraulic table (homemade) that goes down to 12" and it does help having it that low. Most dogs will jump/walk right onto it. It has made my life so much better/easier, I just love it.

        Tammy in Utah
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          There is an electric work table at harbor freight that many groomers use. It looks just like the electric table from Hanvey.


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            I have and electric table from pet lift and I love it!


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              grooming tables

              Shor-Line seems nice. umm.. i have an electric one from edemco but would love to have one from petlift. The edemco one is pretty good.


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                Jengroomer has a point. I have noticed that dogs dont want to jump 19" i really would like one of those tables that go down to 12".