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    What standing dryer has the lowest amps? I would really like to get one for my van and it seems that most are around 14 amps. Forgive me for being naive, but if the amps given is the highest level that it goes, does that mean that it doesn't go down if you use a lower setting or no heat? I can't seem to figure out the least amount of power a standing dryer will use. Which models would you recommend?

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    Do not get the oster stand dryer. The knob that you tighted to hold the dryer in place constantly breaks and is not strong enough to support the weight if the dryer. One broke as I was adjusting it and I had a huge slice filled with plack plastic in my hand, had to go to the Dr, oster refused to pay my Dr bill or send new knobs.!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      stand dryers

      When I first opened I had no room for a stand dryer. So I opted to buy a very powerful hair dryer that I actually bought from a hair salon dealer. It is really powerful and I used to prop them up on a table but recently have bought that groomers arm clamp and it works great. I place one dryer on on each side of the dog while I use the hv, they dry fast for me, and less space is taken up. I paid about 80$ for each dryer and the one lasted about 2 years and that included the occasional oooopppps on the floor!