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Cologne, or no?

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  • Cologne, or no?

    I use Grimeinator as my main shampoo. I was using Unleashed cologne, but I have stopped using that. Don't you think if a shampoo has fragrance than adding a different fragrance is kind of rediculous? it's like adding two different colognes on the dog, which I think is a little overkill.

    I wish Griminator had a matching conditioning spray with sunscreen and light matching fragrance, also a super matching conditioner with it would be nice too.

    I find myself using the Griminator now, and then refurbish or Moisture magic. But I'm at a loss of what to use as a finish spray if needed.

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    I keep meaning to try Grimeinator

    I even live within 20 miles of the place. But wouldn't like it if it has much scent. My customers almost all don't want any colognes. They do seem pleased with the gentle Vanilla smell of E Z Grooms Ruff Out finishing spray. I almost exclusively use that spray, not even bothering with conditioner. I also like to smell my arm after grooming cause I usually have some of that pleasant smell on it.
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      I leave the sprays out so the clients can use them if they want. I don't add any extra sent. I leave it up to them.


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        A lot of my clients would be upset if their dog didn't have cologne on. Many love the VIP scent and request it.