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Groomer's Helper vs LIPS system...

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  • Groomer's Helper vs LIPS system...

    Why is one better than the other? I have the LIPS system and my only complaint is that sometimes they don't do well with the belly strap, and it is hard to get to that part of their back with it on (if they won't stand). Is this the only difference? I do like that there are several eyelets (loops?) to chain them to. I also like the leads they come with, because you can fit them snug like a collar.

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    I haven't used either yet, but I can tell you from a clients point of view. The chains look inhumane. Not that they are, but when I walked into a grooming shop that had 4 tables set up with these attached to all the tables, it looked like a torture chamber! lol on the other hand, the GH looks like a restraint device that does not look "threatening".. IMO


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      PAWS, all I Can say is I like that the Groomers Helper is small and unobtrusive. I don't like things in my way. I don't use the professional set much because I don't have any sitters, however I did have one a short time ago and let me tell you, it SAVED MY BACK, because this was one FAT labrador to shave down and she would NOT stand!!

      Tammy in Utah
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        Spikey I can't believe you don't have any sitters (lucky) -- a lot of my dogs are sitters. I find that I use the professional set on most of my dogs. I think the sitting is more of a defense mechanism than just being lazy. Whatever it is, they almost all try to sit throughout the groom. It's easier just to hook them up from the beginning and then just unhook that part when I need to get to the legs. Unless of course the dog is elderly or has legititate problems standing and then I don't hook them up. Not sure about the LIPS system but generally the GH is out of the way of me working. My only complaint is when I'm trying to scissor a beard, especially on a shih-tzu or other short-snouted dog, and that little metal loop at the bottom of the grooming loop gets in the way. Other than that it's wonderful.


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          Amysue, the professional set is DEFINITELY useful, I just happen to not have a lot of sitters. What I DO have are "leaners"---dogs that like to gravitate to the other side of my grooming table, kind of leaning that direction or sliding all the way over, and being a shorty at 5'2" it's a long stretch, and I get very frustrated.

          But let me tell you, the times I have needed that professional set, I was SOOOOO thankful I had it. I don't have a good back, so that professional set has been a lifesaver a few times, but thankfully not a daily problem.

          On the beard scissoring where the loop is in the way, if the dog is not nasty, I will usually loosen the loop/lower the arm. Since you're in the bite radius anyway, I think (Chuck Simons might disagree, he's better at this than me), your'e ok, so long as it can't reach your face. If it helps though, put the dog in the tri-tie position. One thing I do if I use the tri-tie position is to unhook the loop at the top of the arm and just let it dangle, so I guess that would be a double-tie position, lol. Anyway, I hate stuff in my way so I just move it at my leisure. I don't have many dogs that bite for their faces, it's usually nails or something else. I've got 2 dogs that I have to sedate for their entire groom---these dogs are nuts, even sedated they are nasty. Anyway, I can do their whole face, ears, brows, beards, EVERYTHING before sedating them, but don't dare do the rest while they're awake, lol.

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            I emailed Chuck the other day... I bought the GH in Atlanta and it sat in the box for a couple of weeks. I just started at a new shop and we have been in set up mode. We did an open house last weekend and offered free nail trims. I wipped through 30-40 trims and never had to ask anyone for a hand. My hand were save from gnawers (you know the type) and I can't believe how much easier it made it.

            I've used both systems (in fact I have the LIPS at the new shop and never even set it up) and I do see where each would have it's uses. But I wont groom without the GH now, I can't say that about the LIPS. Mostly it just gets in my way.


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              Need to know pros/cons of LIPS vs. Groomer's Helper

              Thanks 4Newfs for your honest answer. (as well as everyone else that has replied so far) I am reseaching which systems are out there and what to invest in. Is there anything different than LIPS and Groomer's Helper (besides the knock-offs)? I need something to help with the sitters; I've also got my share of freaked-out nail dogs. It would be nice to do nails on these dogs in 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

              Has anyone else had the opportunity to use both or either system? What are your thoughts? How about some of you that use the Groomer's Helper...what do you love about it/what do you dislike about it. Would love to hear from you!

              I did notice that Groomer's Helper's website showed it on sale for $249 (rather than $299) through 3/31/07.


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                Lucky star, I know this is late. I have both systems. I now only use the GH. I just didn't like how the LIPS was so obtrusive. I hate that huge rigging. Although I have never used the GH for sitters...I don't really have any either.


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                  I have the basic GH and the LIPS System. Personally, I rarely use the GH. I find putting the small/medium dogs in the "hammock" makes it very easy to trim feet and legs. I also don't have a problem with dogs spinning using the LIPS System. I find it easy to work on their faces while there are immobile. A very few dogs do better when they are standing on all fours ... on those occasions, I do use my GH so they don't spin around on me.


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                    I guess that I am the weird one... I bought the GH at the Fun In The Sun show a couple of years ago for me and my other two groomers, we returned them. I didn't find that it made that big of difference. When we returned them the man was rude to us and pretty much blamed it on us being incompetent, I would never try it again because of the way we were treated.

                    I got the LIPsystem in my Mobile van and love it and have purchased one for the shop as well. It has the hook to connect on the loop and keep dogs from biting (similar to the GH) but it also has hip support for elderly dogs and sitters and has a divider piece to keep dogs from moving their bodies to the other side of the table.

                    I know my opinion is totally opposite of everyone else but I use the hip support ALL of the time and that made it worth it to me.


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                      I use both. Had the overhead bar first (purchased from Romani) and later added the GH. I think you can immobilize a problem dog pretty well with just the overhead bar, but having the GH just makes it very quick and easy. I don't always use both systems, I even have some clients that don't need any restraint at all, but I love having both available. My confidence and speed both skyrocketed with these additions, well worth the expense. I actually have a large collection of 'nails only' clients who come because their difficult dogs are so well behaved on my table with all the 'security' apparatus lol! One guy in particular brings his golden retriever just for nails, I can do it quickly and easily in just a couple of minutes. He insists that nobody else has been able to trim his dog's nails even with several people trying to hold him. I also have many small snappy little terrors who have become more cooperative over time as they have become used to the GH and no longer put up a struggle over nail clipping (big relief to me and very impressive to client). To me, having the proper restraints is a reflection of professionalism, increased safety, comfort and security for both groomer and pet.

                      I'll admit the overhead bar with chains dangling off it does look pretty scary to the uninitiated lol, and I can also understand why some people feel it gets in the way. I'm used to working around it and have done so for so long that I never feel it gets in the way. Just like getting used to using a clipper vac system, it takes some time to master the necessary coordination. Once you get used to using the cutting edge tools, you can't imagine how you managed without them. I realize they can be an expensive investment, but just like bike helmets and car seats, if they prevent a tragedy, it's money well spent.


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                        I've used both, and believe the ideal situation IS combining the two. I've almost convinced myself to buy the GH starter set today at the KC show. I had a LIPSystem at the last veterinary hospital and LOVED it, although I believe it would have been more convenient to have the larger table and the 42" LIPS to allow a little more space behind the rumps on the big dogs. I LOVED the slings and the T-Strap, and used the T-strap on just about everything, as well as the table-divider. The ONLY drawback was the limitation on placing the bolt snaps to hook the GH noose to the post. I've had people suggest just removing the eye-bolts and using the GH on the LIPS arms in order to set the dog's head height to the most comfortable position.


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                          Thank you for your input LIP vs. GH systems

                          I cannot thank all of you enough for the input. I can see that each system has individual drawbacks, but these are outweighed by the advantages that each has to offer.

                          I decided to purchase the professional GH and tried it this past week. I agree with CC's comments that once you get used to using the cutting edge tools, you wonder how you ever got along without them. This past week I was able to do all my difficult nail trims without help. In fact, I think it calmed most of the dogs quicker because they learned they could not wiggle or squirm out of the system so they calmed down. It did save my hands from a nip or two. What is really nice is that I have not had to ask any of the assistants to help me yet. I find I am more confident doing nails on new clients because I know I can do them without getting bit if they turn out to be biters.

                          I have 3 clients in particular that I can't wait to use the GH on. One is a chow/golden mix that dances all over the table and a notorious sitter to avoid brushing and nail clipping. (Comes in once/month) Also a cocker who is a dork for his nails. (comes in twice/month) The assistants have tried in the past to hold him, but he's too wild so I've been doing it myself although it takes about 15 minutes to do the nails this way. The cocker comes in this week...I bet it won't take 15 minutes to clip the nails with the GH! The third is a min schnauzer that is nasty, nasty, nasty. In fact, last time he was groomed I told the owner to take him to a professional dog trainer for private lessons and gave her my recommendations. (I have know idea if she'll do it, though.) I think that the GH will definitely help when I have to do his face. I am anxious to see if the tri-tie method will help when I do his face. I narrowly missed getting bitten last of the reasons I decided that I couldn't continue grooming without either a LIP or GH.

                          I do like the slings with the LIP, but will have to wait until I earn more $$ before I invest.

                          Again, thanks everyone for the input!


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                            I use the GH

                            I use the GH and am very happy with it. I have the professional system and use it with the ones too old to stand. I've noticed the groomer whom I'm there to help quicks almost every nail including cats. This is something unknown to me and well, I get almost every dog putting up a big fight thinking I am going to quick them also. The GH is perfect. No more dog behavior such as a shark attacking out of the water. They put up a small fight and realize its pointless. Since my co-worker isn't good with change, he is constantly fighting with the dogs while I groom in a calm and fast way. I must admit I did not want to ditch out the $250 but the morning I was looking at it online and decided some other time would be better...later that day..I got bit even with a muzzle turning my nail black. I came home and ordered it immediately. I love it and need it to keep my nerves calm and prevent any nerve damage.


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                              I have only had the GH for just a few short weeks. I like it and I feel it has helped a lot in restraining some of the dogs.

                              I did have a little Shih Tzu today that I could not do the front nails on, back I got those, but forget the front ones. She just freaked out so I stopped, she has a medical condition and didn't want to stress her out any more. When the owner came he held her and I did the nails. That is the only time I haven't been able to do the nails.
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