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Dilution rates???

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  • Dilution rates???

    So...1:1, 3:1, 12:1......what does it mean????
    How do you officially, accurately figure out the dilution rate?? I've been in grooming for 3.5 years (grooming for 1.5) and I still can't figure it out and it bothers me!

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    On the dilution rates basically it is just as stated prior to me seeing exact info ....if it was say 12 to one I just eyeballed the gallon jug , filled it with hot water to a quess kinda area then added shampoo . I just divided the jug into twelves left one then went from there.

    Natures Specialites website has specific ratios....and I do use the product

    not sure if that site will go threw but if the product says 32to1 then 1/2cup of product to gallon of warm water.... 12-1 would be 1 1/2 cup product to gallon of warm water.

    Hope this helps abit
    Dilution is important when using certain types of shampoos /treatments



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      The first number is water, the second is shampoo. Like 12:1 is for every one part of shampoo put in 12 parts water. Equal parts.
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        1 part shampoo to 12 parts water. so like 1 oz of shampoos mixed with 12 oz of water
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