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    I am into my second class in grooming school and we are getting ready to purchase clippers, scissors and other supplies. I want to compare clippers and scissors but don't know where to start, any advice or comments on different clippers and scissors??

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    You'll get a lot of different opinions on this, which is good. Here's mine:

    My favorite clippers are my Laube Litenings. Why? Because they are light in my hand, they clip through the most difficult coats, AND they have a 5 year warranty, unlike other clippers which are generally 1 year warranties. The negatives are that I've had some struggles with little problems with my Laubes (I've had them fixed/replaced 3 times in just over a year), but they sent me a new pair twice, and once they fixed them for free even though they were not sure what was wrong with them . When they sent them back they worked great.

    My most reliable clippers have been my Andis Super 2 speed (red colored, square body), they have been TOTALLY reliable, and run and run and run...they clip well, and I finally now use them as my main clippers, and use my Laubes as clippers to fall back on.

    Others like the Wahl KM2's. I had a pair and really liked them but they broke down on me. I am not sure what happened, but I would give them a try again if I had the chance, but I can't afford to buy another set of clippers "just because."

    Ok, scissors are a different matter all together. What I've gathered lately from others on this website is that HOW THE SCISSORS FIT YOUR HAND is what really matters. So, while many of us like the Geib shears, many others don't, and it often comes down to how they feel, what you're used to, etc.

    If you're on a budget this can make a difference as well. I CAN say that I LOOOOVE my inexpensive Roseline thinners with 46 teeth (from Ryan's pet supplies). They were $65 a year or two ago, and they work great for a great price. I just had them sharpened for the first time a couple of months ago and it worked great. They're like new again---and they'd been dropped many times.

    I use the Geib Crocodiles (curved and straight). I really like them. They (Geib) have a less expensive pair called "Gators" and a more expensive pair called "Super Gators"---the Super Gators, from what I can tell, are quite popular, as well as the Geib Cheetahs. Once again though, it comes down to how they fit your hand.

    When it comes to blades, this is a hard one too. I have and Andis #5 blade that cuts better than my Wahl #5 blade. But my Andis #10 (freshly sharpened) doesn't cut as well and as nicely as my Wahl #10, lol. I also have Oster blades which I like as well. Stick with Andis, Oster, Wahl, and ButterCut blades---oh, and I have a #10 Laube and #40 laube, both of which I LOVE. Anyway, maybe it would be easier to say what to avoid, which are the "Master Equipment" blades and the "Kleen Cut" blades from Pet Edge and Ryan's respectively. Hope I don't get into trouble for saying this. These are sort of the "bargain brand" of blades, and I don't think the savings is worth it to be honest. The first shop I worked at bought a bunch of these blades and I got to use some---even as a new groomer I noticed they weren't cutting as well as my other blades.

    A lot of this has to do with how you groom, and what is comfortable for you. For brushes I use the red Universal slickers from Germany. They're just over $2 to $2.50 each, and they work VERY well, but don't last long at all, lol. So, I pay a cheap price and replace them frequently.

    Nail clippers? A lot of people use those orange handled Millers Forge clippers, I have a pair and they're fine, but my favorite are bamboo brand, which you can only buy from a retailer OR retail them yourself. I bought mine on sale at PETsMART and found a really inexpensive pair on .

    For metal greyhound combs I like the ones with half medium and half fine teeth. There are some that are static free which I would like to buy but haven't spent the money. I've had my same comb for over 3 years now and thankfully have never lost it, lol. A comb is an INDESPENSABLE tool for grooming, a MUST HAVE if you want to make sure every knot is out of the dog.

    There are a lot of other tools we use, but these are the basics. Hopefully this can be of some help to you. It's a good idea to get a lot of input from people here, and make your decisions based on that and personal experience, etc.

    Good luck in school, grooming is a fantastic job!

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      I agree alot with Tammy. I LOVE my square Andis and have Laube Lightenings as well. I am on my third pair of Laube in two years, I started with the cordless and had to switch to plug-in becuase they wouldn't stay charged and they had to keep sending new batteries and fixing the clippers. The plug in, I am on my second set as the first one couldn't be fixed (but ALL has been under warranty). My Andis are my back-up and the other Groomers use them when their regular clippers are getting fixed. The secret to my Laube happiness has been once I finally bought a set of blades JUST for my Laube's.

      Scissors... I am a Geib girl and the Gator's are FABULOUS. Geib is great about changing them out if they don't fit your hand, too heavy, etc.

      And, I like Buttercut blades the best. Price is fabulous and they cut the best in my opinion (they are also made by Geib).



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        I use an Andis AGC Super 2 speed clipper it has always worked great for me. Most of my blades are andis. I have both ceramic and regular. I personally love ceramic blades but you do need both. I have Stiletto shears by Heritage since I was in school and love them. My thinners were my biggest expence I bought them from Pargon (white dog enterprises) they are called KS-37. I Love them I just had them sharpened for the first time after 5 years.
        Good Luck