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I can't live without my Bathing Beauty!

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  • I can't live without my Bathing Beauty!

    Thankfully, it was another SLOW day. I had 2 appts. After my first one was done, I went to clean up the tub with my fresh water sprayer...nothing! I tried turning it on and off several times...nothing again. I spent my entire lunchtime (wish I had those EVERY day!) fiddling with the pump. I unscrewed pipes here and there and tightened them back, with the pump on. The water finally started to flow, but with very low pressure. There is water leaking around a panel on the end of my pump. (This happened before and I took it off and replaced it, to be sure everything was fitting together nicely and it was fine). Then, I just called Hanvey. I was told to switch the pumps to see if the other will work in it's place, then replace the original and see if it starts to work....well, I still had 1 dog to do (a tiny Maltese, thank god) and won't have time to tinker with the pumps until tomorrow a.m. So, I bathed this guy in mom's sink and wanted to cry! I hate bathing by hand, boy am I spoiled rotten! I think that if the other pump works, I will just use it until my new one arrives and let the tub drain into a big bucket, rather than bathe in the cleint's home...I do NOT miss in-home bathing without a Bathing Beauty! To boot, my hubby just flew to TX for work training for 2 weeks and I miss him already....waaaaah! Okay, all better.

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    I had pump problems off and on for a couple of years. (I have a Hanvey van.) I have 2 spare pumps and would swap them out when I had a problem. Finally, I figured out that the large diaphram seal needed replacing. The pump has been working ever since. I bought the diaphram seal at West Marine (or Boat US) for about $15.


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      Oh my gosh!!! I bet that is what I took out and rotated! I am going to get one today. Thank you, thank you!! This is worth a try, as my 'extra' pump will take awhile to get here!


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        Update on shurflo pump...

        Well, the diaphragm WAS appears to be a manufacturer defect, as the plastic hole it fit into had a sharp edge pushing it out somewhere near the center, and even molded a hole in the diaphragm rubber. This whole time, the pump has been sloooooowly leaking, and it got into the switch area of the pump. We opened that up, because we could see mineral deposits around the seal from our hard water and lo and behold...the wire that runs across to make it work was totally corroded away! There was a layer of mineral-goo all inside and the wire had all but dissolved away! I have a new pump on order. Until it gets in, we swapped the drain pump with this one, so I can bathe, but have to drain into 5 gallon buckets and just dump the water out....oy! Well, Hanvey will be talking with the manufacturers on this one and at the very least, I should be able to purchase a new "drive head" (may not be the right word???) and save the third pump to be a back up. What a pain in the a$$!