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  • Summerwinds

    Has anyone else out there tried Summerwinds products? I bought the Shine Onn shampoo and it is great! Used it on my own show dogs (Miniature Bull Terriers)- my red and white dogs looked super shiny and the red was rich and the white sparkling. Then I took it into the shop on Saturday to try on a coated dog and used it on a very dirty buff cocker in full coat. She came out so clean and her coat texture was beautiful afterwards.

    It's nice because you can dilute at different strengths depending on the coat color of the dog. Just wanted to share my good find with you all and see if anyone else uses it. They do have a website, do a search for Summerwinds shampoo.

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    We do it buy it for a particular client (he has a Champion Kerry Blue that still in competitions). He swears by it, I like it, don't feel that it is better than Eqyss or some of the others I like. I hate their shipping charges from California to Florida...yuck.


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      I had a good time visiting the web site. I bought (seems they don't have it now) a heavy grooming portable table from them, and their lure for my doggies. I knew Bruce, the founder, who died suddenly. He was fun and used he lure out in the isles of the vendors enticing, playing with any dog that played. Don't know about the grooming shampoos etc. but I sure would want to try them if I had an Afghan. It shows they were used on the show Kerry Blue Mick, the only perfect dog I'd seen.
      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.