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  • Haircut guide book

    What is the most up to date all breed haircut guide book? Styles and lines are always changing... Something with good pictures that are easy to see.

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    Notes From the Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank. It is "THE" grooming bible on the market right now, and I believe NDGAA is switching from their current book, to this book. Not sure what level you are in grooming, but "Theory of Five," by the same author, is a great book for those who are getting started.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Notes from the grooming table

      By Melissa Verplank - there's a link for it on the left of the board if you keep scrolling down and she also has a book called theory of five to help simplfy the steps.


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        If you go back through the older posts you will see Notes from the Grooming Table mentioned a lot. I have never heard anything but good about this book. If you go to the board library you will find a listing of a lot of great books.
        SheilaB from SC


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          Thanks a lot. When I started grooming in '92/'93 I think the accepted book was a Groomer's Guide- don't remember the name for sure. I saw the Notes From the Grooming Table and wasn't sure if it was good and current. I've been away from grooming for a couple of years now!


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            I agree

            Notes from the Grooming Table. I've groomed many, many years and still got new ideas on grooming from the front, and use the breed cut guide regularly for breeds I don't do often, taking a refresher look before I groom the odd breeds again and again. I have taken the book to show customers examples too.

            A for instance: Went last night to groom a rescue dog, a rough coated Brussels Griffon. The owner did not want a full cheeked face, so I did more a teddy bear muzzle. Most important though was it was highly suggested in the book to card the coat rather than clip. I used mostly a Mars Coat King taking out quite a bit of coat till it layed smoothly over the body. I added some touch ups with the thinning shears. The dog still had it's lovely wirey coat, looked very dapper and the customer was very pleased. The groom was also darn easy. Thanks again to Melissa Verplank, I say. Wish I'd have had that book back when I started so very long ago.
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              Notes from the Grooming Table (you can get it on ebay).


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                I don't do show dogs, but my BF has an English cocker that he wants in show coat. She hasn't been groomed in quite some time, not do to me lol, but do to him.
                Anyway I got my Notes from the Grooming Table and followed the guide and got her as close to standard as anyone could with what I had to work with. It's a great book for any groomer to have. Another one I like is The Mutt Styling Guide by Chrissy Thompson. It's a good one to have for those mutts.


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