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Need partitians for fiberglass kennels

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  • Need partitians for fiberglass kennels

    Hi there. I bought some fiberglass kennels from someone last month who only had three of the 10 partitions that I need. Believe it or not, there is no brand name to be seen anywhere on the kennels!! The racks that the dogs sit on are some kind of thick pressed plastic with holes in it, and the partitions are made of the same material with no holes in them. The racks and partitions slide into place.
    A) Does anyone recognize the kennel description and know the brand name so that I could order them?
    B) Does anyone know what this plastic material is called? (It's kind of like a thinner version of the new decking you can buy that doesn't rot like wood.)
    C) Does anyone have any to sell?

    Thanks a lot.