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Haney Bathing Beauty vs Master Equipment Pro Bather

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  • Haney Bathing Beauty vs Master Equipment Pro Bather

    I was about to purchase the Hanvey bathing system when I found the ME Pro Bather for $200 less. I haven't been able to find any customer reviews on the PetEdge Master Equipment Brand ProBather. I'm beginning to feel like I might be making a mistake just to save $200. Is there anyone out there with real good advice? Thanks

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    All I know is that it is the Pet Edge "bargain brand". I don't care for most of their products, but I do like their foldable grooming arm, so maybe their bathing system will work? Something to think about.

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      Wish I knew

      Don't know. I have the Hanvey Bathing Beauty and absolutely love it. It gets knocked around a lot as it is transported for housecall grooming. It keeps on ticking. I like Hanvey customer service and I'll bet if you call them (often messages, but they sure do call back) and ask them what is the difference, they'll be fair and share. There was a similar product at the Grooming Expo, Ambers and just looking at it I didn't like the "handle" as well. But heck that is a lot of money you might save. I know I sure did want a quality system besides for safety, but even a perceived problem could end up in court.
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        comparing bathing systems

        I notice you're talking about bathing systems. I did some research on them because I found a good deal on one, the luxury spa thier on ebay starting at 299.00. I found that the one I bought and Bathing Beauty and Hydrosurge have the very same pump. My good friend has a older hydrosurge and a bathing beauty she'a had about six month. And I have the Luxury Spa. They all use the Little Giant pump the very same one. that pro bather is a little giant pump too it's just smaller. When I looked on line about little giant pumps there wasn't much differents between them, it's just ones black and taller and around the same price. Mine also works the same way as the others and has a hose and nozzle like Bathing beauty. So that pro bather you bought thier all basicly the same product. I mean I also had mine over to my friend shop and compared them side by side. I would think your getting a good deal.


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          I have the bathing beauty- have used the old hydrosurge reciculator and have used the bath master. The main difference between them were the nozzle at the end (some had wider holes, some had fewer, etc).

          I went with the Bathing Beauty because i wanted a company that I knew had a reputation for great customer service.


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            Pro Bather

            I have a pro bather and it is awesome...I wouldn't buy anything else! I bought it in Feb. 2006 and it's still running as if it's brand new! The others are just more expensive versions of the same thing. Save a few hundred dollars and buy the pro bather...OR build your can get all the stuff you need at Home Depot, Lowes, Orchard Supply, or any other hardware store that carries submersible pumps!