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Breed Software with prices?

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  • Breed Software with prices?

    used to work at pet-something place they had a software that you just click on a breed and it gives you all the prices that that particiular breed can have. does anyone know any program that has that?

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    It did not have the price list automatically on there. Specific prices are probably set at each store and not necessary done by the software. Prices differ from town to town and state to state. So you, as well as corp, will have to make up your own price list and enter it into the system.


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      It's probably a program made and owned by the petsomething. I used to work at one, and we had a price sheet that corporate gave us to go by. Besides, you can't go by a random program. You need to set your prices based on what kind of income you need to make to cover all your costs, and based on what your area(s) are capable of handling. I'd imagine a small, nowhere rural town couldn't handle a minimum price of, say $60 like a more suburban or urban area could. Get the general prices for your area shops and figure it out from there.


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        I really love pet123


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          What? This Pet 123 comes with pre set prices?? Or is it something you can set and edit as warranted?


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            With Pet 123 you would have to set your own prices.