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Beyond Grooming Certifications?

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  • Beyond Grooming Certifications?

    I have been grooming professionally for about 2 years, been in the industry for 5 years. I know their is a lot of debate on the PetSmart academy, that is where I learned to groom. However most of what i have learned had came from groomers in the business for over 10+ years, so I have a lot of knowledge! I am looking into starting a home business, I already have several clients that come to me at my home. All i have is a PetSmart Academy Certification.
    I am very intrested in furthering my knowledge, and am wondering if their are any online programs for furthering knowledge of dog grooming. For example I saw a Pet Aesthetician Certification in the Groomer to Groomer magazine, that im thinking about taking. But are their any others? From my knowledge, in order to be NDGAA certified, you have to be able to atten the show? However I am in louisiana and cannot travel far, and they never come here (that i am aware of) but this is something I am just starting to look into.
    Thank you kindly for the information!

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    In almost 30 years of grooming, I have yet to have ONE client ask me about my background, so paper on the wall, isn't the first thing clients are thinking about.

    You need to go to grooming seminars at the various expos that are held all across the country, in Louisiana, there is the Mardi Paws Pet Expo, May 13 - 15 held in New Orleans.

    You should purchase a whole boat load of DVD's on grooming (Jodi Murphy has great ones.... Jay Scruggs also has some great ones, but he usually only shows one side of the dog). You can view these DVD's a thousand times and they are timeless and inexpensive for the educations you receive.

    I'm not familiar with on line courses, but I'm thinking they are expensive, ??how long do you have to view the it a one shot deal or are you able to view the courses for years to come?

    Happy going to Mardi Paws Pet Expo

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      What Dolly said. 100%.