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  • Starting an association locally

    How does one go about this? I have no idea where to even start. I would love to get something going with the recent talk of licensing. We started a meet up in my area and would love to make this something more formal. But I don't know where to start.

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    I am participating in a group on our state level also that is in the same shoes as you are right now. Get the word out, start a facebook/web page and try to get some interest in joining together to work together for a good cause. Figure out your Mission Statement and get to work putting it in action This is really an important time to form an alliance with other groomers to work together in a positive way to educate and promote responsible pet grooming across the board.


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      The ISCC is the Texas based association for the last 22 years,, I am a lifetime member, check it out.


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        When I started the WAPPS (, I went thru VistaPrint and sent postcards out to every salon listed in the entire state at a little over 300. I sent them out in waves, and when I got a call back from each interested salon, I sent them a SASE and an enrollment or membership form. It took some $$ out of my pocket, but it was worth it. Now with approaching 500 members, and many of them from other states and even other countries, it proves that if you help create a group with good intentions, members will support your effort and pay it forward. Good luck with your effort and if you need any advice, you can message me!
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          I wish I lived in Wisconsin.

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            So do I funky you sound like a lot of fun.